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Pickles wrote:
nitram17 wrote:
custom90steve wrote:
Mainly because of do gooders who would rather walk over someone British without a home and help out them over in these other places instead.

If they got their act together in these countries like most do and stopped some of their people bombing other countries and flying planes into skyscrapers then maybe countries like us, the USA, Russia, and many others wouldn't need to intervene.

Also, there is quite a lot of mention on this thread regarding a Customs Union.
The simple fact is, having a customs union is not leaving and is not an option.
Why should we be 'locked' into EU trade, why should we not be free to trade with all countries..

All this anti USA hate, which it is hate is nothing to do with Donald Trump it's to do with trying to sabotage a UK / USA trade deal. Plain and simple.
Obama was liked because of his 'back of the que' talk inspired from Mr Cameron, and that only from this end.
This is inspired by those with financial gain from the EU area only.

Why not broaden horizons, and why not do more in-house.

Why keep running our country down and keep rubbishing it when everyone has to live in it.

There are many on this thread that also own businesses, some of which who won't engage in this thread due to the simple fact they are tired of hearing absolute bias from the few with some temporary losses from EU connections.

There is a worldwide 4x4 market out there also, it isn't and doesn't have to be EU based at all.
If anything, they want to kill it with their ill thought out regs and laws to suit their own financial benefit.
And automotive manufacturers are and have been having far too much say on affairs that do not concern them.

The public are the economy and how they chose to spend and where, not billionaire business.

If anyone is to blame for decisions and or complications it's Mr Cameron for not setting it out correctly in the first place, then he wouldn't when he was going to do a runner anyway.

There has been no change of mind with the situation since the referendum, it was further re-I forced with a general election on top of that again.
Another referendum would be a neverendum and would only muddy the water which suits the EU amicably.
Holding another in 30 - 40 years time much like the time between the common market bite and 2016 on the other hand would be fine.
After all, we never had a choice in a lifetime sone of us.

Adjust and adap, it's what we're good at and the way in which most of us are spending is also changing and adapting.

I see no reason why everyone can't and won't get what they want both with EU markets and ROW.
Then everyone is happy, but that will not come with any customs union nor freeedom of movement for others to hop borders.
Of course they will not make their countries work, they will pull our quality of life down instead.
It is not racist but protection of our great country, that is nothing to be ashamed of at all.

I have no problem with people that want to have contact with EU countries, but I do have a problem with any of those who say it's EU and nothing elee.
That is not acceptable in any way shape or form and is selfish to the highest degree and that's where the left / EU hate towards the USA cones from because their country and economy is on the up as is ours by putting this back to the way wpthey were.
With blocking immigration and building on in-house manufacturing.

Adapt and branch into other markets, you might just find that it's even better and everyone gets what the want.
It's a win win situation, after a short time of adjustment.

edit .....Since the end of the second world war the usa has been a very poor friend to us ....And there is nothing to the special relationship..Obama could not get the colonial past out of his mind and trump would sell us down the river for the price of bleached chicken!I personaly would rather be part of the european block than a little island of the coast of europe who the big players of the next 50 years ,china india russia and usa will ignore!I know its hard for a little country who once ran the greatest empire the world has ever seen..but it is what it is!were minnows and we need to realise that.

Don't know that I agree with all that you say.
I have a LONG memory, and I have read what you say about the U.S.A. Mum & Dad were in England during WW11, and Mum was always critical of Joe Kennedy, and the fact that the U.S. did not enter the War until they were attacked. However, they were providing massive help "behind the scenes". Of course when they did enter the War Winston couldn't wipe the smile off his face, and was said to have said when He heard the news, "We've WON"!!....and it's for sure that we wouldn't have won without the U.S., we wouldn't be on this forum like we are. And I won't forget that, so I'm a BIG fan of the U.S.A. And there is no doubt the world is a changing place, in many ways not good for Western democracy, so I'm glad that the U.S. is "out & about", not saying I'm any political guru, and I do agree that Donald is "different", but I do agree with some of the things He says & does,..at least He's not an "all talk & no action" do-gooder.
Of course, with respect to everyone on this forum, this is only,..IMHO.

Sorry pickles but i said since the "end"of the second world war!Yese they did help us and democracy would not have won the second world war....we would be speaking russian now!however they were paid handsomly for their trouble ....at the begining of the war britain owned a significant amount of realestate in the usa up to 30% and we lost most of that and many strategic islands in the pacific ocean..i dont recognise your picture of trump you portray ..any person who needs a bus, a taxi and a tram journey just to get to the end iof sentence does not have what it takes to be leader of the usa imho.

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The USA trade figures say otherwise. Last but not least we are the U.K. not the USA so what they do is their prerogative. IMHO they are going in the right direction. Diu Vivo Magna Britannia!

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IMHO they are going in the right direction.

Is the US trade deficit not the worst since 2008? Pretty sure on goods alone 2017 and 2018 under trump were worst 2 years since 2008

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Whilst I do not agree with Donald Tusk making his comments where live microphones were in place, however.....

It does look like the Brexit plans are going to schedule (NOT!) . This is a good example of brilliant planning here

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That deal always looked desperate at best & probably dodgy as well.

It would be interesting to see where the tie up is with elected officials, MP's or their wives/children/old Etonian toast racks who are consultants, board members of associate or holding companies etc.


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