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United Kingdom 2013 Defender 130 Puma 2.2 SW Rimini Red
Does anyone really care.

I have one on order, I can cancel and get a full refund if I don't like it. Im not expecting to see it this year with the current issues. To be honest I'm not that bothered and totally underwhelmed with the vehicle. I think my New Defender mojo is broke. 130's have feeling's as well you know Smile

Post #821364 26th Mar 2020 12:18am
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Cancelled my order last year a few week after release as it just was not what I was expecting and my faith in new LR is now long gone.

Post #821376 26th Mar 2020 1:59am
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United Kingdom 

It pains me to say it but my faith in LR is gone too. I don't think it's been on the right track hardly since Tata was involved.
After the Puma Def and Disco 4 I have had no interest, I like the Disco 4 almost as much as the Defender but they ruined that too.
What the new ones are like is plastic lumps similar to a Kia SUV often in white, with rubber band tyres parked up in the city outside high level appartments.
Always reminds me of the latest NFU ads, which has also abandoned also its farming roots and instead prefers a certain very minority group of so called workers on way above average salaries.

I can see LR heading into trouble to be honest and that won't be because of engines or that kind of thing but due to pricing, desirability and image not to mention poor management.
The list goes on.

Sad times. Diesels Lives Matter

Post #821378 26th Mar 2020 2:12am
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Wales 2007 Defender 90 Other CSW Trident Green

custom90steve that post is so on point with everything you have written and puts in a nutshell what a lot of other people are thinking. For those who like Welsh Mountains and narrow boats have a look at my videos and photos at..


Post #821381 26th Mar 2020 3:21am
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United Kingdom 2011 Defender 110 Puma 2.4 USW Keswick Green

Yeah, pretty much. My feelings towards the current range, and the new Defender especially, is complete indifference. The last model I was at all excited about was the Freelander coming out, at least it was kind of fun and was part of an obvious range. It all seems very cynical now and aimed at a very specific clientele which doesn't include me. 2011 110 USW
1973 Series III 1-Ton
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Post #821390 26th Mar 2020 8:24am
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Member Since: 11 Apr 2014
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United Kingdom 2007 Defender 90 Puma 2.4 XS CSW Zambezi Silver

22900013A great to see you back up and running on Def2, Puma 90 XS - Sold
D3 - 2.7 S x2 (both Sold)
Freelander 2 HSE - Sold
Freelander 1 - Sold
Disco 2 - Sold

Post #821397 26th Mar 2020 9:10am
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United Kingdom 2015 Defender 90 Puma 2.2 XS CSW Santorini Black

I go along with Custom90Steve with regards to the Defender (classic) and D4. I don't need to sing the praises of the classic Defender on this forum and certainly the D4 has many loyal followers including myself.

My wife and I share a Disco Sport and whilst this is a great all round car, particularly good off road compared with X3's and Q5's etc, it is still just another SUV. Our plan is to change it early next year and I will be looking at the whole SUV market. I'm afraid to say that I am not loyal to the Green Oval brand and they will be put into the mix with all the other manufacturers.

I'm not sure that JLR will be doing anything in the next eight months that will make me change my mind, they're just another marketing company. Santorini 90XS SW
Discovery Sport
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Post #821401 26th Mar 2020 9:30am
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United Kingdom 2007 Defender 110 Puma 2.4 DCPU Stornoway Grey

One of the reviews that I glanced at (I am not sufficiently interested to do more than glance) referred to this thing as "the iconic Defender". There is nothing "iconic" about the new one whatsoever except the name (which is of course why they chose to debase the name by reusing it). It really is "just another SUV".

Post #821408 26th Mar 2020 9:55am
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United Kingdom 

The marketing and sales department at JLR will probably be larger than the engineering department.if you build the right car, then it will sell itself!
Pity, but seems the way of the world. 80" 1948
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Post #821411 26th Mar 2020 10:09am
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United Kingdom 

I arranged for my pre-order deposit to be returned to me last week as clearly the 90 that i wanted was not going to be available this year. Also, maybe unrealistic, but i was concerned that should the Dealer go out of business i would potentially lose the £1K.

Post #821419 26th Mar 2020 10:37am
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United Kingdom 2014 Defender 110 Puma 2.2 USW Corris Grey

That’s a fair comment LEZ Shocked

Never thought of that.

When you look at the stock and second hand vehicles big dealers have, they need it shifted quite quickly and if they are shut, like Inchcape have informed me they have, nothing is getting shifted and there is a hell of a lot of cars sitting around. It does make you wonder if something like that could happen. I know that their second hand stock is all financed (possibly by their own finance company) as I was warned that this would show on an HPI check if I did one on the Defender I was purchasing. That was a few years ago, but I don’t suppose anything has changed in that respect?

Post #821422 26th Mar 2020 10:49am
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United Kingdom 

The new Defender I feel is aimed at a completely different market now anyway I feel, its just another SUV that will have a face lift every couple of years to get the yummy's buying (leasing) the next newest model.

Doubt people will be in the garage of drive on a weekend adding rock sliders, snorkels, sump guards, interior parts. You spec it at point of purchase and that will for most stay that way for 99% of the orders. They will not read the magazines or go on the forums... Its just another car and will be changed in 3 years. (or when the lease is up)

I'm guessing a few of us on here have the means to buy one and lets be honest they ARE pricey now. I went on a few times and speced up a 110 with a few extras, initially I thought I must have gone silly as it was over £70K so I was more sensible but it still came in a £63,000.

Even though I could buy that, I simply cannot get my head around the price. My Dad has a Full Fat RR and its bl--dy lovely. Now I can keep my 'Icon' 110 and have over £40K to spend on a full fat RR. For that your looking at a TDv8 with very good spec and some low 30K mile ones.

Most new cars I look at driving round all generally look the same, they have nice electronics, my wife's car does all sorts, and is very techy and very fast but I still Love jumping in my Defender Smile Getting the 'Wave' on a journey is still a buzz after 4 years of ownership. I still have a list of mods I want to do.....

If I want my Defender to feel 'Posh' I go for a drive out in the Series III and then.... Boom the Defender feels luxurious Smile

Bottom line is the current Defender is more than just a car to many owners it becomes part of your way of life. Modern cars are just here today gone tomorrow.

I'm happy though if people out there choose a 110 in the spec I would like and run it for 3 years, once its lost half its value I will have a look Thumbs Up

Post #821424 26th Mar 2020 10:56am
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United Kingdom 2015 Defender 110 Puma 2.2 XS CSW Aintree Green

I work in the industry and my future will be affected by success of JLRs current and future models, so I should care.
But as I type this, I don't.

Steve and others above expressed my sentiments as a past customer of JLR.
They don't make anything I want to buy at a price I want to pay.
I haven't bothered reading or watching any of the reviews this week, won't be in future and won't be going to the dealer - even just for a look - when they get one in the showroom.
Times have changed, for them and me.

Post #821431 26th Mar 2020 11:16am
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Tim in Scotland

Member Since: 23 May 2007
Location: The Land that time forgot
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I think that no matter how desirable or otherwise that the New Defender is LR is going to have to drop the price once we get over thus crisis. Forecourts are going to be flooded with leased / financed cars that the users can no longer afford to run so used car values have to plummet or we start crushing the excess number of perfectly useable vehicles that they cannot sell - I know 2 people who have already handed back the keys to fairly new cars on PCP’s and walked away now they gave no earnings coming in - cut their losses and run and we will see more of this. I’m in the fortunate (at the moment) position of being able to afford to buy a new car outright but there is no way now I would throw away part of my pension and savings on even a base model New Defender even on a finance deal because it’s used value will be zero until the backlog of surplus vehicles is cleared from forecourts. I own my 24 year old Defender, it is in good nick, runs well and has low miles for its age as for the last 14 years it has been my “toy” and a 2nd car. Up to 2018 my primary car was always another Land Rover product, usually an RRS, Evoque or FFRR but after a fight wit JLR over extended warranty cover fir the SDv6 snapping crank issue in my last RRS I left the brand intending that when the Defender replacement in PHEV or BEV arrived I would reduce to a single very very capable car - what I expected the New Defender to be. Now I’m not so sure - the New Defender is too big for my needs in both 90 and 110 form, it’s too greedy in fuel, there us no low emissions/ zero emissions version available and really it is far too expensive even in basic form to consider as a private buy.
I note in some the reviews that it will appeal to country dwellers.............. not a hope in hell, maybe the weekend country dwellers who live in the city Monday to Friday and travel out to the country To their 2nd home but those who reside 100% in the country will not be buying this vehicle - they will continue to buy classic Defenders and D4’s or cheap Korean// Japanese and Chinese tough vehicles that they don’t mind bashing and not washing them for weeks on end. Epsom Green Tdi300 County Hard Top converted into a Station Wagon
Defender D240 1st Edition in Pangea Green with Acorn interior with a few dealer options

Post #821432 26th Mar 2020 11:26am
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2007 Defender 90 Puma 2.4 HT Cairns Blue

I agree with [most of] all the above and hence I posted the following on another thread here:-

Order cancelled due to the current situation...

I wonder how many more will [have to?] follow ?

I fear that the very LAST thing on most peoples minds over the next 12/18 months, is buying a new vehicle - and the appropriateness or otherwise of the New Defender may well become totally irrelevant .

Post #821437 26th Mar 2020 12:02pm
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