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United Kingdom 
Puma 2.4Tdci White Smoke

I just wondered if anyone else had this issue.
Basically I have clouds of white smoke when starting up from cold my 2010 2.4Tdci Defender (150k Kmh)
However after 2/3mins it clears. And I have no more white smoke like this during driving.
Also once the engine is started from warm 0 white smoke.

Somebody has suggested that the timing chain could have stretched & is altering the timing
as apparently they are only a single and not duplex chain? And the chain tensioner is operated hydraulically
So until the pressure is built up to operate correctly the chain can be slack for a while.
Also apparently there is an updated chain tensioner with a stronger spring?

I've just had all the injectors out checked and new copper seals as they were leaking and causing the typical exsesive pressure in the rocker cover which was causing oil leakes.

This seems to have helped a lot with the extra pressure in the rocker cover and oil leakes/oil consumption
But I still have this clouds of white smoke on cold start up issue.

Any advice suggestions much appreciated!

Post #655999 9th Oct 2017 8:25am
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ian series 1

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United Kingdom 2008 Defender 90 Puma 2.4 CSW Bonatti Grey

Has the white smoke started recently?
I'm just thinking it could be weather related, condensation in exhaust?

I have had an egr fail that allowed coolant to pass into inlet manifold giving the mentioned symptoms,
That would be my first port of call.

Head gasket problems are extremely rare, you could always do a sniff test on the coolant to confirm this.

Your correct on the chain, they are not Duplex, they are single,but rarely give any trouble,
I have changed a few in Transits which were done purely as a precaution as they were close to 200,000 miles.
Even at this age they showed no sign of stretching, or wear on the sprockets, I have only ever come across one TDCI engine with a slipped chain, but that was more to do with the oil pump failing, which then had a knock on effect with the chain tensioner.

If your chain has jumped,you would defenetly know!
It would run quite rough.... Wink 80" 80" 86" 88" 90"

Wanted, Forward Control Anything considered.

Post #656006 9th Oct 2017 9:01am
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United Kingdom 2007 Defender 110 Puma 2.4 DCPU Stornoway Grey

That seems to be normal for a Puma in cooler weather and nothing to worry about.

Post #656012 9th Oct 2017 9:19am
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South Africa 2010 Defender 90 Puma 2.4 SW Alpine White

Likely the VCV, see these threads:




http://www.defender2.net/forum/topic55077.html --

2010 Defender Puma 90 + BAS remap + Alive IC + Slickshift + Ashcroft ATB rear
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Post #656048 9th Oct 2017 12:10pm
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Greg L

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Scotland 2000 Defender 90 Td5 SW Epsom Green

I had the white smoke on start up, but their was lack of egr self scrape cycle when switching off. Also had an intermittent EML for egr valve stuck. Turned out to be EGR valve changed it and all sorted. The white smoke must be over fuelling with the egr set to recirculate when engine is cold to improve warm up time.

Post #656229 9th Oct 2017 10:43pm
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don't want to confuse thing as I only have observations. Mine is 2010 185K. Over the past 6 months it has started blowing about 20t of white/light grey smoke on cold start ups left over night. This seemed to be happening 80% of the start ups.
Recently I turned the fuel tanks J pipe breather around. By doing this is has relieved the fuel tanks excessive pressure habits that leave diesel over the fill neck, tank, chassis and so on. But, and I have no explanation why, the white lt grey smoke has stopped. Wondering if tank pressure at the days end causes slow seepage somehow of diesel into a pot, as I believe light grey smoke is unburnt fuel.

Car runs fine, using no waterer, good vcv, and no inward vacuum when opening the filler cap. Might be just more forum noise to make the situation harder to workout. But that is what I have found. My Defender and travels

Post #656943 13th Oct 2017 12:18am
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