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Front speaker upgrade and door sound deadening mod
My 90 came with the basic 6 speaker configuration. So after my round trip Wales and Scotland, 3000mls I was not satisfied anymore with the sound.
First things first, sound deadening for the doors. Bought a package with 3 kind of materials for a four door car.
( Doors are big on a 90, everything is applied )
Dismantle the door trim/cards ( Powerful video )
Wireloom complete disconnect from card and panel.

Click image to enlarge

Started with the heavy material full covered followed by the layer of dense innerfoam.

Click image to enlarge

After a lot of reseach I went for the 2ohm Blam 2way composet, first choice was the Live 165A , but after some more searching I found a higher spec set Blam Signature 165.80 for the same price.

Click image to enlarge

Did some more sound deadening inside door and panels.
The deadening is the most time consuming part of your front speaker upgrade.
Spend arround £ 85,- /€ 100,- on the deadening materials

Click image to enlarge

Bought some 6,5" speaker rings, ( Ford C max/S max ≥2006, EAN 4026724336818 / arround £ 17,-/€ 20,- )
applied inside and outside the ring also dampening material.
Connected the new woofer for now to the existing speaker cable.
( Tested the provided crossover, but it did not add any extra sound improvement for now, Future mod new cables direct to DSP )

Click image to enlarge

Glued in the new tweeters, connected with the existing tweeter cable with inline resistor . ( Future mod new cables)

Click image to enlarge

So with the stock amplifying the sound seriously improved, it's a full warm rich sound with smooth deep bass.
But first they need to run in ( 40hrs) to perform optimum.

​​​​​​Future upgrades will involve adding midrange speakers front, subwoofer, DSP 10ch and amplifier.

So my write-up for now, any questions let me know. No Mud flaps for my 90.!
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