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lightning wrote:
to his credit Yan bought it back off her, although at a couple of thousand less than the £12,000 she'd paid for it.

l am not sure what happened to it after that.

I’m not convinced losing £2000 is “ to his credit”… only to his own bank balance.

Like others I’m amazed he stays in business. Read his eBay ads… they all read the same!

Jeeeez. Big Cry

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Post #936836 8th Jan 2022 3:07pm
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He's far from the worst vehicle dealer l've encountered, the scam engine reconditioners on another LR forum spring to mind. For over a decade they've been collecting customers vehicles including one guy's £20,000 Discovery 4
And basically he's never seen it again. These guys are still trading so what hope is there for us. At least Yanthelandyman supplies vehicles that actually exist, and you can view the vehicle before purchase.

l would always say that if you don't know what you are doing, get an independent inspection before parting with your cash for an old Land Rover. lt costs a couple of hundred but could save you thousands.
Post #937127 10th Jan 2022 9:12pm
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