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Ignore that it’s Jalopnik, Daniel Stern knows his stuff:


Post #886723 20th Feb 2021 12:56pm
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United Kingdom 2013 Defender 110 Puma 2.2 USW Orkney Grey
Headlight Guards

When I bought my 110 it came fitted with headlight guards (see the picture at the start of this thread) but over a period of several months of faffing around with different front end treatments and headlight bulbs, I took them off as they were a bit of a nuisance. I always knew that I would eventually re-fit them as I like the look and didn't like the holes that they left. I really wanted to improve how they are mounted, though.

As standard, they are fixed with two bolts into rivnuts at the top and two plastic 'P' clips secured with pop rivets at the bottom. The latter allows them to be hinged downwards to access the lights but the arrangement is a bit naff, to be honest. It also didn't work for another modification in planning, which is to add some additional spot lights below. Instead therefore, I've fabricated four little hook-shaped brackets in place of the 'P' clips that will allow the guards to be lifted off completely:

Click image to enlarge

They're made of 20mm wide aluminium strip, carefully bent to a shape that will restrain the guards whilst allowing enough clearance for them to be lifted out. They're drilled to accept M4 bolts, which will re-use the existing pop rivet holes and as they're stainless, they're isolated from the aluminium of the wing with nylon washers. They've been etch primed, painted and lacquered to protect them.

Click image to enlarge

And the finished look, which I think looks great with the black grill and headlight finisher panels. Just the job for the mean streets of Surrey Laughing

Click image to enlarge

As the weather is picking up again, I might even get to wash it at the weekend! Darren

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Post #887199 22nd Feb 2021 9:51pm
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