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United Kingdom 2010 Defender 110 Puma 2.4 USW Stornoway Grey

All this pent up drama, we are being played like fools. There will never/can never be a replacement for the Defender. Why do you peeps even want a replacement ?
A Defender is all about keeping it until death do us part, not for me playing the manufactures game of a replacement cycles, like it’s a mobile phone. Infotainment systems, I’ve watched the YouTube vids and they seems like slow motion nightmares that don’t work if the sunshines.
If you’ve moved on to a jeeps, Kias, Suzukis, G-wagons or whatever good luck to you but please get off this forum.
Land Rover please don’t call this car a DEFENDER, because it won’t be.
I might even end up buying one but not as a replacement for my Defender, I don’t ever envisage ever replacing it.

Post #768676 15th Apr 2019 2:33pm
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United Kingdom 2003 Defender 110 Td5 XS CSW Oslo Blue

I’m looking at getting a land cruiser whilst retaining my defender... Defender Drag racer & achiever of "How is that possible" speed
Current: TD5 '110 "Lucinda" Thread here: https://www.defender2.net/forum/topic62562.html
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Post #768680 15th Apr 2019 2:59pm
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United Kingdom 2015 Defender 90 Puma 2.2 XS CSW Santorini Black

Like Pcoote I may end up buying a new Defender if it meets our needs but it will be a replacement for our Disco Sports, not a replacement for our Defender Santorini 90XS SW
Discovery Sport
Morgan Plus 8

Post #768681 15th Apr 2019 3:36pm
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Gone Bushy

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United Kingdom 

JLR have fallen a long way down the Rabbit hole.............3 words, Jimny, G-wagon, Wrangler

Post #768685 15th Apr 2019 4:05pm
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Wow... so many words, so many opinions - even going as far as saying if you’ve bought another model, then it’s time to leave Def2!


It really is time to realise (and accept) that evolution has to take place - new Mini is a) no longer new; b) nothing like ‘old’ Mini and c) overall pretty much better than the original iteration!

New Defender / Forthcoming Defender / Overdue Defender will be an absolute winner when it comes to off-road capability - I’ve followed prototype vehicles around Eastnor and have also done some extreme (very extreme) stuff with current LR product as absolutely ‘out of the box’ (3,000 miles on the clock, FFRR on road tyres...) that simply couldn’t have been undertaken with an original Defender.

Sorry if that sounds like complete heresy, but it’s true...

Would I want to maintain one in extreme conditions - hell, no but there were any number of folks who thought we were doomed when we went over from 300 Tdi to TD5 and similar moments of crisis when the D3 was originally launched and yet there are now many, many home maintained (and off-road equipped) D3’s to be found in daily use.

Looks - I’ve been told (by someone who has seen the impending vehicle in the flesh, so to speak) that I will ‘like’ the new Defender but I’m quite likely to be keen to swap the D5 for one when we have a bit more news!

I’m keen to see the progress and fully understand the commercial need to deliver vehicles for 2020 and beyond... dare I suggest that the next real challenge (and, I suspect, the reasoning behind the delayed launch...) will be getting a meaningful PHEV or fully electric version to function in a whole-world off-highway capability scenario...

Post #768740 15th Apr 2019 9:04pm
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