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Unfortunately the world is full of ars***l*s, bigots, angry people with agendas and hypocrites. And it’s becoming worse each day as Social Media and weak policing allows the ‘holier than though’ to tackle any subject or attack (verbally or physically) any person they want with relative impunity. It’s a downward slope.

I’ve always been a believer in two adages. First that people have an absolute right to do whatever they want, as long as it’s within the law and doesn’t harm others, and second that people should ‘do unto others as they would have done unto themselves’. Clearly that last statement has some fairly kinky connotations Rolling with laughter

So this incident makes a mockery of both those statements.

First the driver doing the ramming is just lowering himself to the Sabs level and achieving little bar escalating the problem. An Idiot and Hypocrite.

Second, i’m Sure we would mostly agree that Animal Welfare and Sabs have tended to come from a very certain demographic within our society, often (albeit not exclusively) with a fairly liberal attitude towards drugs. Many (most?) people have dabbled in drugs, whether once or to the point of addiction, but the proliferation of drugs, their strength and what is required to produce them has changed exponentially since my ‘era’ in the late 80s. Back then, production was relatively benign and the scale and levels of violence almost entirely reserved for the criminals themselves. Now that has all changed. 30000 deaths a year are attributed to cocaine production, in Mexico alone, the vast majority innocents, not cartel members. This doesn’t account for deaths caused by violence in supply, or use. JUST production in one country. 85% of the UKs weed now has dangerously high (addictive) levels of THC and considerable quantities are produced in farms in the UK to avoid bringing it over by traditional means from N Africa and M East via Holland. The production is controlled by Vietnamese gangs, who use extreme violence, and the farms are guarded by 15 year old Vietnamese orphans plucked from the streets, smuggled into the country, locked into an abandoned house, fed through the letter box and kept there for months or even years at a time. Heroin imports are controlled by the Albanians and Romanians with the money used to pay the Taliban (sexist, anti Western oppressives) for it’s production, and also to help subsidise modern slavery by smuggling young girls throughout Europe to be abused in illegal brothels. I could go on....

Sorry if it seems a little Off Topic, but it goes back to my first two ‘adages’ and the hypocrisy of people. If you wish to preach, you have to ensure the sun shines out of your ****. But if you wax lyrical on SM about the awful nature of hunting, take part in often violent and abusive demos, and then head home to wallow in your self-glory whilst smoking a little bit of weed or snorting a line of cocaine and claiming it’s ‘harmless’, who the f*** are you kidding? A 15 year old Vietnamese orphan being made to look after a skunk farm in the UK, possibly just ‘round the corner’, is a far bigger 21stC social problem to be worrying about than a legal sport, whether or not you agree with it. But as I mentioned at the top of this rant, we westerners are the world’s greatest hypocrites and will indulge in whatever pastime we want, as long as those we affect in doing so, are third party and miles away.

I despair more and more at humanity and the direction it is taking each and every day. I’m going to go and live in a shed in the middle of a very large forest, grow a large beard, talk to myself and woe betide anyone who comes near me Rolling with laughter

Sorry, rant over... Monsieur Le Grenadier

I've not been everywhere, but it's on my list.....

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Post #764612 21st Mar 2019 8:52am
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To complete the look you'll need a Series 1 to match the beard mate.

Post #764618 21st Mar 2019 9:05am
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That would be the icing on the cake... Thumbs Up Monsieur Le Grenadier

I've not been everywhere, but it's on my list.....

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Post #764619 21st Mar 2019 9:07am
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Let me throw my dice in,

As there seems to be a lot of false conceptions.

I grew up absolutely penny less, but rurally, went to a middle class school, where you’re parents were farmers, professionals or soldiers.

To make extra money I used to load others guns at shoots, and used to hunt vermin on a friends dads farm as he would give us x amount per pest.

I’m a firearms enthusiast, but don’t own a shotgun, bloody noisy things and they remind me of growing up poor. That and having to carry a point and scattergun with a maximum range of 100m that only carries 8 shells at a time smashes the feeling that rifles are better.

I also hunt per se, that is I drive the vehicle when we go lamping, and spot.

Me ex and my current employer (separate and unrelated people), has had their personal property trespassed upon by both hunters and the saboteurs.

Now I understand hunting, it’s a cultural thing done for hundreds of years. Admittedly it’s expensive and exclusive, but that’s why it’s popular. Admittedly I don’t like the thought of hunting an animal for sport, you kill it if it’s a pest (which they are) or to eat. These people are so rich that a fox can’t be classed as a pest.

But the saboteurs I understand, they try to stop something that they believe is unethical, which I don’t blame them for. But in so doing they create tension, prevent law abiding citizens from going about their legal business, intimidating and goading them.

I think that so long as the kill is ethical, IE shot and tracked only by a couple of dogs at most, it’s ok.

However if they actively interfere with lawful activities, then they deserve a taste of their own medicine. I have no sympathy for the saboteurs, but some for the huntsmen.

I personally don’t eat halal or kosher meat. I don’t so much have issue with method of slaughter as I do the ritual. You should never kill on the name of religion, you should only kill to survive or prevent death, and under debate - for a greater good.

That’s a greater ethical issue. Than some pest. I'm on IG: https://www.instagram.com/osloblue42/
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Post #764621 21st Mar 2019 9:20am
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integrale wrote:
What is the possible relevance of halal butchers to this topic? In my opinion it's just more disgraceful and unnecessary anti-muslim rhetoric, and after what happened recently in this country I'd have hoped for better from this forum.

I believe the connection was about animal cruelty and not anti-muslim, at least that's how I read it.

My thoughts are with NZ at this very sad time. James
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Post #764641 21st Mar 2019 12:04pm
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You read it correctly.

Other people linked it to a religion. (Actually two religions).

Some seem to feel that it is OK to criticise one cruel cultural practice, but that other cruel cultural practices must not be criticised.

There is no moral justification for that kind of censorship.

Post #764761 21st Mar 2019 11:17pm
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