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After I read the many threads on this forum I think the Ibus 2.1 will be good choice as I dont want to go full audiofile car (like subs in the trunk or woofers in the seat boxes etc.), but where to mount it in the 90?

Back of the cubby it sticks out and rattles as Ive read here and in a MUD sub box, just don't know either (looks / sound / rattles?)

Ive been thinking about the rear wheel arches drivers side, any major downsides to that? Already have some holes with wiring to the battery box there (my compressor is mounted in the rear corner of the car)

Or alternatively front of the seat box? My seats are aftermarket and the bases protrude to the front in a way it would be unobtrusive there.

Or is really the mud sub box the best option? From wiring/lack of space perspective sure, but the sub will fire into a full cubby of stuff and from the side you see the wooden legs of the cubby.
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