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15p - crankshaft pulley
I've started with a tear down of my spare 15p for replacing the head gasket and for that i wanted to move cylinder 1 into position but noted that the pulley is not really moving. I'm wondering a bit if this is because the engine was sitting on a crate for quite some time or if there is something bad in it ... and needs more than anticipated

The block should be fairly lubed up given that i drained about 8 liters fluids and when i removed the cam cover there was also enough oil residue on the injectors etc... (therefore on the places where it should not be as well)

for the later observation I just hope the washer seals on the injectors are just bad and nothing more ... but the crankshaft not really wanting to move is a bit more worrisome - given this was supposed to be the spare unit to be rebuild and replacing the blue smoker in the 110.

My thought is now on the question how to proceed given that I'd need to have piston 1 flat top.

I was not really having in mind to do a full engine rebuild Smile Td5 110 Station
Post #972204 24th Nov 2022 7:35am
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Are the glow plugs or injectors out? If not you will not likely be able to turn it over with such high compression… 2010 Range Rover MkIII Autobiography Super Charged (Idris)
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