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Supertweaks Car Part Purchasing Experience

I recently purchased a car part from Supertweaks (an engine for a Land Rover Defender to be precise) and had my order cancelled over a misunderstanding.

The order was placed and I proceeded to email Supertweaks enquiring about the VAT refund policy since the part was shipped to the UK. I wasn't getting the reply I needed to report back to my superiors so I emailed the, again, this time pointing out that I would appreciate a prompter response since their last replies were coming in at a late interval from mine.

Kindly note that my last email to them enquiring about the VAT was on August 3rd by 11 pm (In my defence, I thought it was a 24/7 service meaning someone always being there to reply.
This last email got their attention and they decided to reply to me and tell me that my order would be cancelled because I asked for a prompter response at 11 pm. At first, I didn't think they would, because it was a little misunderstanding that I hoped the night would soothe.

I emailed them the next day apologising and asking them not to cancel the order, to which they did not reply. I sent another apology email and asked about the status of my order and received no replies still.

I then proceeded to email them via my personal mail asking about the status of my order and all they said was: This order has been cancelled.
I asked when I would be getting a refund a was told to wait for a period of 2 weeks for the refund to reflect back into the account.

Does any of you have experience with this site, please? And what can I do? I needed this part to be on its way to me already but it isn't, which changed a lot of plans for us.

And I also need to find a new supplier for the part as it is still very much needed.

Kindly reply or reach out to me if you have had any experience/any idea on what one is to do during such a period.
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Hairy Dan

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Hopefully you get your money back as there seems to be an awful lot of people have had problems with them Evil or Very Mad


https://www.google.com/search?q=supertweak...p;ie=UTF-8 Cheers Ian
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