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Very interesting, I guess you wouldn’t want to buy an ex demonstrator then !
Post #951484 3rd May 2022 9:46pm
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Nuclear Nick

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Currently in Austria having taken the Chunnel and driven through France and Germany. Didn’t start too well as was last in the line to board the train and couldn’t get on as they boarded a flippin Tesla in front of us and so we got sent back to wait for the next train! Told us they always put Teslas in the high carriages. I said why, is it because they catch fire?

Regretted going through Germany as the M8 was very busy and was closed at one point, leaving a tailback of miles, then multiple roadworks and lane closures caused more delays resulting in us being over two hours late at our destination. We’ll be going back through Switzerland and France.

Fixed a couple of faults. One was a rattle at the back which was the door to the warning triangle compartment, remedied by some anti rattle tape. Second was no water flow to the left hand wiper, traced to the pipe being kinked under the plastic cover at the rear of the engine bay. Easy fixes for both thankfully.

I have to say that the Defender is an amazing vehicle for such a trip. So smooth on the road and very comfortable over long distances. Cruising at 130kph is effortless and quiet, accompanied by a lovely beat of the V8 in the background. This car is growing on me by the minute.

Obviously I’m hoping my first Land Rover experience continues in the same way.
Post #953375 23rd May 2022 8:51pm
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