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Tribord wrote:
New option - a lightweight roof top tent from Decathlon - [url] https://www.quechua.fr/tente-de-toit-van500[/url]

Only 16kgs! It has been designed for vans without roof bars, but it should fit if you have a full length roof rack - I would just just need 4 holes for eyebolts on my Brownchurch.
Price is €550 including awning and ladder, available from June.

Interesting. It's not cheap for what it is though, (as I assume the tent materials will be the same as the rest of their range, so not particularly heavy duty), and it's quite small. This woman doesn't pack down for her local rugby team as far as I can tell.

Click image to enlarge

And if Mrs Grenadier had an epiphany and suddenly decided sleeping on the roof of my DC was a worthwhile exploit, she'd want the most comfy, and understandably so. I can do the uncomfortable stuff on my own.

At that price I'd prefer to pay the extra grand and get a proper roof tent. But if you have a roof rack, you could always do what this lot have done and either get a bigger tent for the same money as above, or a similarly small tent as above but for less money.

 Monsieur Le Grenadier

I've not been everywhere, but it's on my list.....

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Post #901442 5th May 2021 6:40am
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but I’m obsessed about it being low profile and rigid

I’m also concerned about extra weight

two person set up

Set up or close down in 60 secs. Pitch anywhere. Drive off easily.

you cannot look inside if somebody opens the zip = 100% privacy on camping sites

Bonjour Monsieur Grenadier. Why not the autohome carbon fiber roof tent? With two roof bars its comes in well below the dynamic load of a Landrover; 75 Kg for a 90, not sure what that is for a DC. With a roof rack I guess that it’s just slightly over.


Yes its expensive, yes its very very expensive, but for someone like you, a pro-camper, it will be used and will meet all your needs. I believe also that that the resale value is high, particularly if you resell at the start of the season when Autohome have their highest backlog.

As a rank debutant, its too expensive for a punt, I have an ARB swag waiting for me in Poitiers, that an a tarp should suffice, least until this new way of life takes hold. However my primary interest is fly fishing wild camping, so I am definitely thinking in this direction.

Charlie Donuts

PS the known unknown for me is the dynamic load, but if I tipped the Land Rover for want of a couple of grand, I`d feel like a right proper ninny, and remember I am the one that blew up my turbocharger with an oil change, so if someone is going to do it, it will inevitably be me

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Post #910248 1st Jul 2021 9:18am
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Cheers Charlie - 30 mins of my day wasted, drooling over Italian overpriced roof tents, I have absolutely no intention of buying!! Laughing

After serious consideration, if I had 3,000 euro to burn, I'd go for the:


Shame it's not carbon fibre, based on the other models, I reckon a small would weigh ~55kg in carbon. 2011 CSW XS 90

Post #910257 1st Jul 2021 9:58am
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Isn't the Roofnest Falcon the same as the Tentbox Cargo?


Roofnest says on its homepage "made in the USA" and Tentbox says "made in the UK"? Rolling Eyes

I suppose "made in China" and they either include english instruction manual and accessories in the USA or UK. 22MY Defender 110 (actual) | 10MY Freelander 2 (history) | 15MY Discovery Sport HSE (history)

Post #923077 27th Sep 2021 7:38pm
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