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X4SKP wrote:
Hello Keith5

Off Brief as neither fold, but two variations on the theme, up/recycle either a Gas Bottle (good thickness Steel)
or use the inner drum from a washing machine, perfect perforated Stainless Steel. Plenty variations on these two
approaches on line (Pinterest) Thumbs Up

Click image to enlarge

Good Luck

Seen the washing machine drum fire in Tiso Aviemore last week only problem was,,, £300 Shocked

Post #907444 11th Jun 2021 6:47pm
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You can buy a basket as an accessory to keep the coals up and help with lighting, but I’ve never bothered or had a problem, It’s off the floor by about 250mm and I put the lid underneath.
I use the Webber 3hr briquettes which give out plenty of heat but not to hot.
My coals have always sat on the bottom and it still looks like new!
Plus you can keep you wood or coals inside for transport

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Post #907693 13th Jun 2021 9:31pm
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Thanks for all the ideas and recommendations.

Decided to go with the bushpig as its regular shape and carry bag should make it easy enough to pack, also the option to store the charcoal in it while travelling means it will hopefully be as space efficient as a folding unit.

Thanks Keith

Post #907763 14th Jun 2021 12:43pm
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