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Wales 2015 Defender 110 Puma 2.2 XS CSW Indus Silver
Power steering noise?

I have just started to have the odd “woofing” noise when I steer to the left and straighten up (no there’s not a dog trapped in there) but I don’t hear it on right turns.

Looking here on the forum it appears that I should try new CHF 11s power steering fluid on my 2015 MY 2.2 110. Any helpful suggestions on the capacity, which I can’t seem to find, and where best to crack open a joint to drain the old fluid?

Thanks in anticipation.

Post #901301 4th May 2021 11:43am
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I have a 2.4 and due to the same symptoms I had the power steering fluid changed. The noise continued on and off and as it only occurs rarely it is hard to say if it is cured or not.
For the 2.2 the amount you need is listed as 1.6 litres, which is different to the 2.4. This is from the Advanced Factors service items page. You cannot overfill as you only fill to the mark on the dipstick attached to the cap.
I'd get a garage to change it as it might be a bit awkward on your own. Then again someone could come on and give directions for doing a solo change. Anyway good luck. 1982 88" 2.25 diesel
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Post #901368 4th May 2021 7:43pm
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