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Oil pressure switch point

Does anyone know at what pressure Defender (preferably tdci) oil pressure switch point? What I mean is how low the pressure will be when the light on the dash switches on?

Please do not answer “low enough that is too late”. I like a number in bar or psi. I tested once for a Toyota, and was switching on/off at about 5psi.

Having asked that, does anyone know of any after market pressure switches that either switch on a higher pressure than Landrover, or better still, adjustable?

I understand that a gauge would be best solution, but I do not like to drill my dashboard, or install a boy racer type of gauges. 1988 90 Hard Top, 19J Diesel Turbo, Shire Blue - Restoration ongoing
2012 90 CSW, 2.2TDCI, Santorini Black

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