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Wales 2010 Defender 110 Puma 2.4 USW Santorini Black
Break down cover?

Just looking into breakdown cover for the unavoidable while away, is there any particular company you find best?

Will be travelling pretty much the whole Europe over the next few years (the alps shortly, Morocco next year etc)

Prices seem to vary quite a bit, i don't mind paying extra as long as the service is good 2016 Range Rover Autobiography 4.4 TDV8
2010 110 XS Utility 2.4TDCI
2010 Range Rover Sport TDV8 (gone)
2007 Discovery HSE TDV6 (gone)
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1994 discovery 300tdi
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Range rover bobtail 3.5 v8 (gone)

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You won’t get breakdown cover for Morocco. You’re best bet there is to get towed back to Spain and get sorted out from there. On my last trip a friend with a Disco had a Brocken wishbone near Azrou which borked the air suspension. After getting the wishbone fixed locally they limped back to Tanger Med on the bump stops and got it sorted in Spain.

I also know of someone that had full engine failure on a Defender in Spain on the way to Morocco. His trip was scrapped and he spent three lovely sunny weeks in Estepona having a new engine fitted, which immediately blew up and then having a 2nd one shipped out and fitted!

Regarding Europe, if you are overlanding you need to think about what you want to happen if you have a breakdown. If all you want is recovery to a local garage and you’ll sort it from there, they’ll pretty much all do that. You’ll usually get a hire car to tide you over whilst repairs are made. Where it may get tricky is if you need your car repatriating, which may take several weeks. It’s likely any replacement hire car won’t fit all your stuff, so you’ll need to leave most of your kit with the Landy. That means either coming straight home or switching to hotels.

Some recovery policies have a clause that if the cost of recovery abroad exceeds the value of your vehicle, they reserve the option to write it off and pa you out. Usually only a problem for lower value vehicles I would think. 2007 110 TDCi Station Wagon XS

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