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I would appreciate some opinions if you don't mind.
Took the car into get the mechanic to have a look over. Chassis and bulkhead in decent shape given age, but....
It needs a new rear cross member and some outrigger repairs on the chassis. Bulkhead similar, new footwells and tops, plus some make good on existing repairs. Probably looking at £1500+ or so if they did it.

Other option is bite the bullet and galvanized chassis and potentially same with the bulkhead (I don't know if there are replacement bulkheads for the V8 or if repair and galv mine).

It is a keeper so want to do it "right"

Any downside to losing the original chassis versus the originality? Not planning on export but am in two minds.

Engine wise will probably look to replace cam and carbs to get a bit more power out but keep hold of the original bits.

Thank you in advance

Post #791398 9th Sep 2019 11:26am
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Progress looks great already! Genuinely pleased you're putting back to original (so far as possible). Thumbs Up Bow down

Changing chassis obviously takes away some originality and could limit USA market (?), but if it's a keeper it may not be a concern. Could you repair the original chassis then get it galvanised.

You may be interested in the below thread dedicated to Ninety and One Ten, if you introduce yourself on there you'll find a wealth of expertise happy to give you proper advice. Thumbs Up

https://www.defender2.net/forum/topic66173...ten+thread James
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