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1997 Defender Alarm Spider

I had an issue yesterday with the alarm on my 1997 90 Defender CSW. It started fine and took it to the garage for the MOT. Garage rang me to say they couldn't get the alarm off. Its a two button fob and I tried both of my fobs and it wasn't working. The garage told me they tried the fobs and they were getting a pulse from them. We could eventually get the alarm to arm, 3 flashes on the indicators, but not disarm. Finally we got it to disarm with a single long flash of the indicators. It would then not start on the key. Turn the key and nothing. Thinking it was the spider I then turned the key to the start position and hit the battery box where the spider is located with the palm of my hand and it then started.
Its been OK ever since. Thinking it is the spider I have ordered the AMR4956 bypass wiring.
I have read that you drill out the rivets and remove the PC board and fit this bypass part and re-rivet back together. Is that all you need to do?

Post #773242 15th May 2019 1:47pm
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United Kingdom 2009 Defender 90 Puma 2.4 XS CSW Santorini Black

Not sure if this helps but when I owned a 1995 Discovery 1 when I ordered the Spider replacement cable all you did was unplug the Spider module and just plug in the replacement cable. (Getting to the module hidden in the dash was the main problem!).

Of course the Defender Spider could be completely different..... but hope this helps. Cheers Don.

Post #773262 15th May 2019 4:46pm
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United Kingdom 2006 Defender 110 Td5 SW Epsom Green

Mine played up in my old company car (300Tdi 110 SW).

I took the spider apart (after drilling the rivets out of the battery box) and it had suffered from the usual dry joints on the PCB.

just ran a soldering iron over all the joints, added a little more solder to each one and it was good to go.

If it's playing up now.... attack it while it's parked nicely on your drive, not when it lets you down in the middle of laning or shopping when it's p!ssing down with rain etc....

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