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that man

Member Since: 17 Dec 2016
Location: Cheshire
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England 2012 Defender 90 Puma 2.2 HT Corris Grey

Oz tent LOVE it fly sheet side panels RV4 can stand up and dance the folks before me have said it all pro' and cons but for us it's brill wind no probs condensation no probs and my lad takes it to DOWNLOAD FESTIVAL and his friends squat ( no surprise there then) but it is long when packed but great when up. P.S. got ours from Brendan - Gave us a demo on how to put it up and fold away etc. good deal too

Post #691008 4th Mar 2018 10:13pm
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Doc P

Member Since: 03 Apr 2016
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United Kingdom 2013 Defender 110 Puma 2.2 XS CSW Firenze Red

Couldn’t afford the Oztent, so bought a Howling Moon Wizz 24 which is basically a rip-off of the Oztent. Went to Wales in August of 2016 - right into the teeth of an Atlantic gale! 60-70 mph gusts and proper torrential rain.

No sleep. Dog threw up as he was so scared. Wife threatened to leave me etc. No midges (all blown to kingdom come but tent has built in insect net). Tent stayed dry inside but the front extension bit of the fly sheet filled with pooled water and kept needing emptying.

Only damage was one guy rope knot came undone! Have to say I was impressed (packed up and legged it next morning).

Again, like the Oztent, doesn’t pack up small and weighs about 25 - 30 kg.

Picture of calm before the storm (i.e. getting lathered).

Click image to enlarge

Post #691012 4th Mar 2018 10:33pm
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that man

Member Since: 17 Dec 2016
Location: Cheshire
Posts: 37

England 2012 Defender 90 Puma 2.2 HT Corris Grey

Nice dogs pal got two labs and a terrier cross paterdale myself mad house Rolling Eyes

Post #691013 4th Mar 2018 10:38pm
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Member Since: 20 Apr 2013
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France 2011 Defender 110 Puma 2.4 XS DCPU Zermatt Silver

I have an RV4 which I like, but it always takes longer than 30 seconds even to get just the basic shell structure up. It always takes a bit of fiddling because on one side the mechanism looks a bit out of alignment/bent. It was like this the first time I used it, but when I called the dealer for advice I was instantly told that they had never heard this problem before and it was obviously user error. Even if it was my error (which I very much doubt because it is so simple), I did not hope for that response. So I just put up with some fiddling every time it goes up and down. A bit annoying, but not really a problem and I still think it is a good tent.

Post #691014 4th Mar 2018 10:39pm
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Site Sponsor

Member Since: 28 Dec 2009
Location: West Yorkshire
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United Kingdom 

Tribord, I have not heard of that issue on a brand new Oztent.

However if someone has dropped a big weight on it that could cause issues.

Have seen people climb onto roof racks, pick up an Oztent, stand up and throw it from about 10' up onto the ground. I cringe when I see people do that. What happens in courier vans does not bear thinking about.

Try silicone lubricant on the sliding arms and see if that improves things. Replacement sliding arms etc should be available from your dealer in France.

Brendan http://www.4x4overlander.com
Brendan's phone numbers 07929 604668/01422 243966 up to about 9pm
email address brendan@4x4overlander.com

Post #691023 4th Mar 2018 11:05pm
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Site Supporter

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2011 Defender 110 Puma 2.4 USW Stornoway Grey

i always used Terra Nova 2man tents, they withstood pretty much anything, we would be out 3-4 weeks in Norway working/living out of them and they survived. for bad weather i dont think it can be beaten.

However times move on, still have the small tents, but when more space is need i take a JV Signature Oz Tent.

I was going for a Jet tent but wanted something to join into the awning as it was going to be vehicle based.

Oz Tent i have had now for 3 years, total about 3 months use from it/nights in it.

Has it leaked - no

Has it been in torrential downpours - yes, 3 summers ago on its first outing when the rain was that bad it ripped the tarmac off the hill outside the house,

did it stay up in that rain and wind, yes, but i had used every peg and guy rope that came with it.

condensation - yes major problem initially. comment above about tents not been for warmth is difficult when you have a family in it, if its warm in and cold outside and single skinned with no air barrier then condensation will form. i overcame it by firstly putting foam floor tiles under the ground sheet, so insulate the floor, secondly using the 'sun' fly cover. problem solved.

If its warm and there is minimal temperature difference between inside and outside the tent they you wont need any of this.

If it cold outside and you leave the vents open to let the tent 'breath' you will have the tent the same temp as outside so no condensation. you might be cold though.

If you have a good sleeping bag to overcome this you will just get the condensation forming where the greatest heat change occurs. outside of sleeping bag probably.

i cant see any single skinned tent not having condensation in it if there is a temperature difference between inside and outside.

big benefit is when you pack it away wet it comes out with dry interior for next evening if done carefully. not many mountain tents can do that with separate flys etc.

If i didnt have the awning to Zip it into and was looking at stand alone tents, i prob wouldnt of got it. they are just soo ££££

in the end mine came from an online camping/caravan store, no one else would match their price.

dealer/warranty - not had any problems with it so cant comment. Cheers


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Post #691162 5th Mar 2018 1:39pm
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Member Since: 18 Sep 2017
Location: Inverness
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Thanks, all. That's really helpful.

I think I'll be swithering over the tents for a fair while! They all have pros and cons, so it's difficult to work out which would be best.

For this sort of use, I must confess that the Swift Basecamp caravan appeals! I saw one at a dealer's in Perth, and at the SECC show, and I think the layout and features are good for me, but it's around £16,000, which isn't!

Interestingly, I looked up the Safir 5 CP, and see that's now £1425. I dug out my 2008/2009 Tentipi catalogue last night, and found my notes from the time I'd enquired about them, and saw that the same tent then was only £820! That's inflation for you - it's a pity my wages have stagnated!

I hadn't seen the JV Signature OzTent. It looks really nice, although I wouldn't need the extra space (I think it might come with an extra 'room'). However, it says it's made from improved materials etc. so perhaps it's worth looking at. I imagine it's also quite expensive, though.

The OzTent is good for space with its striaght walls and high headroom. The Tentipi has a huge footprint in comparison because of its sloping walls.

Post #691325 5th Mar 2018 10:49pm
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Member Since: 11 Sep 2013
Location: On a planet far far away
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United Kingdom 

i have 2 main tents an older kyham g4 igloo that has seen many years of use and is still going strong even if it is a little faded. damaged to break one pole. spares are easy to get hold off and regular water proofing helps.

for a bigger tent i use an f30 jet tent with the front and sides some times. great tent and ideal for a family time to pitch with pegging and 4 guy ropes under 15 ins from getting the big heavy bag out of the lr. we too use a good tailored ground sheet and the fly sheet in colder wetter weather. it fits 2 big stretcher beds in easily.

we have used a fair few other tents over the years as well. the downside is high front end cost but if you resell it it will have some value to most people unlike a regular tent.

tepee tents and a stove work well but take longer to set up and break down.

Post #691357 6th Mar 2018 7:38am
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Member Since: 10 May 2012
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Scotland 2007 Defender 110 Puma 2.4 XS CSW Epsom Green

We have camped as a family for 17 years now with the kids, I was fed up buying another £350 tent every couple of years, so we took the plunge and bought an Oztent.

I've had my Oztent RV4 for a couple of years now. We spend about 25 nights a year in it. Plenty of camping in Aviemore and Bunchrew!

We really like it, yes the pack size for transporting may be an issue for some, but with a 110 on the roof rack not an issue.

The water and midges have always stayed outside. Even when we have packed up with the tent soaking the inside has been fine. To dry out we just pitch it in the garden.

I've had a few nights of high winds.... yes it was fine, but it did sound scary. I ended up parking my landy wind side to give a little protection. In my opinion they are very well made and I've had no issues with any of the poles, ropes etc. We went for the zip in awning side and front doors, give you loads of space. The ground sheet helps keep everything clean, and the fly sheet provides help with any little condensation. Like someone said earlier on in the thread, its all about changes in temp and ventilation....never been a big issue up in Scotland.

If I was buying another tent again I would buy the same again.


Post #692178 9th Mar 2018 1:27pm
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