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My experience with the Pentland branches in Cupar and Edinburgh have been less than impressive

Cupar wanted me to book a test drive, despite knowing which car/spec I wanted.

Edinburgh are VERY busy, however, at the Highland show, we were interested in an Evoque for the wife. Took my details, never had any communication from them afterwards

Disappointing really...

Perth were much better, initially, arranging a 48hr test drive with a Disco Sport. We couldn't get on with that car though, so tried to arrange something similar with an Evoque.
Salesman never called back Neutral

So we went out and bought privately instead

Post #639936 26th Jul 2017 7:29pm
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Scotland 2014 Defender 110 Puma 2.2 XS CSW Santorini Black

I've been using a Disco Sport for the last 4 weeks, it's got 3.5k on it over 1000 of those I've put on it. Agree fully that I'm not enjoying my time with it, had issues with the keyless entry, the climate blows roasting hot air at anything over16 degrees, the height adjuster on the drivers seat is jammed, the headlining seems to be loose and vibrates over rough road surfaces, the dash creaks, DAB crackles and buzzes madly...............and that's only the start of my gripes with it! If I'd dropped 38k on it it would have been handed back by now.

When I was test driving the Defenders I almost had to drag the saleman out into the rain, he wanted me to make an appointment and come back but backed down after I threatened to head straight to Morrison's. (Wish I had now with the way I'm being treated at the moment)

I don't think I fit into their customer profile as everything seems to be all shiny and aimed toward people who dress like catalogue models Evil or Very Mad 2014 110 2.2TDCi XS Station wagon
1971 Bowler Tomcat 88 4.2 V8 Auto

Post #639950 26th Jul 2017 8:28pm
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United Kingdom 2011 Defender 110 Puma 2.4 USW Orkney Grey

I have been very pleased with Macrae and Dick at Inverness.
Also Andy White (Independent) off Dalry Road

Not sure anything would tempt me back to Pentland after the shoddy service over the last 15 years! Yes 15 years with Discos and Defenders... Pentland have always failed to impress, and generally been shoddy.

Shame really. One of my pals uses lexus in Edinburgh and the dealership (located nearby) treats him like royalty by comparison Sad Defender "Puma" 2.4 110 County Utility (possibly the last of the 2.4's)
Volvo XC70 (Work)

Post #640269 28th Jul 2017 11:15am
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