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Mucky maf

So after 10 months of ownership (2.4) my first issue, which is hopefully resolved but just curious as to why really? On a couple of occasions in the last few months I’ve had the engine management light on, in both instances after hitting standing water on the motorway. The fault cleared itself quite quickly so I wasn’t concerned. It came on again Monday during perfect driving conditions and me doing a leisurely 60 on the motorway.
I thought it’s time to get a fault reader of some sort so spoke to Pete at bas, might as well get a remap at the same time, and less than 24hrs later I’m good to go and this is what it’s showing.

Click image to enlarge

The fault wouldn’t clear and Pete advised me to resolve the issue before uploading the new map. I’m not technically minded but after seeing the maf sensor issues pop up regularly on here I thought I’d pull that out and give it a clean and lo and behold there’s a sizeable piece of crud wedged inside it. After carefully removing it and giving it a good clean I popped it back in, cleared the fault and all seems good to go.

So please excuse my ignorance, the filter box and hose are all good and tight, the filter is like new, there wasn’t a build up on the sensor, how does a piece of debris find its way into the maf sensor and how do I prevent it? Thanks, Mark.

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