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Switzerland 2009 Defender 110 Puma 2.4 SVX Station Wagon Santorini Black

Swedishbloke wrote:
But assuming what kind of veichle the "replacement" will be it is more likely to be named....

Shopping Trolley
Soccer mum express
Fluffy pillows

Add to that...

Rolling Eyes You never actually own a Defender. You merely look after it for the next generation.
And oops, the front mirror fell off...

Post #563065 11th Sep 2016 4:52am
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Am I the only one who doesn't want them to change the name? It's a great name. I just want them to do a good job on the vehicle. Rugged, simple, capable, reliable, modular, field serviceable. Everything the Defender is.

Post #563114 11th Sep 2016 10:42am
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Green Machine

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Pretty sure it won't be 'Commander' - that's a Jeep model name. 2005 Td5 | 90 County Station Wagon | Tonga Green

Post #563115 11th Sep 2016 10:48am
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Call it Trovanter, from trovants..

Post #563187 11th Sep 2016 7:11pm
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United States 

Muddywheels wrote:
Talking to salesmen today at local LR dealer and he told me he has seen the replacement defender in the flesh but they still haven't decided if it will be built - if it does it's going to look very much like this he said

Click image to enlarge

He also said you die hard owners have got them nervous and good chance they will retire the defender name to be preserved for heritage vehicles only and start a new name

We will see Confused

This guy is full of it. No way it'll look like that. It just.....can't... it won't. That's not even remotely close to a worthy replacement and LR has way too much great design talent to have something like that signed off on. That's a simpletons photo shop job. Nope, no way, ain't happening. I
Also, LR would be complete, gutless wonders if they dropped the Defender name because it upsets a few diehards. Oh..Cry me a river. I highly doubt the LR brass is wringing their hands or losing sleep over what diehards think about soiling the Defender name. Sorry but it's true. I think they are just concerned with keeping as many as they can satisfied with its performance and keeping appealing to future markets and bigger markets with its looks.
The LR4 guys were bitter as hell about the new Discovery, now they see what it'll do...and how much lighter and capable it is and they are already coming around. Plus it looks tits no matter how much they tried to poo poo the Vision Concept.

Look, The new three family formula is simple and smart. Three of the best known name badges the brand has ever known. One for each family. Range Rover, Discovery and freakin DEFENDER! That's it and it's perfect.
Now then. Keep the badass name and build a badass vehicle to represent it. Or just don't even bother.

LR is making some wise, brave and ballsy moves, they are on a roll and there's no way they drop the Defender name or mess the Defender up.

Post #569035 6th Oct 2016 2:22am
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United Kingdom 2010 Defender 90 Puma 2.4 SW Stornoway Grey

Answer YES

The replacement 'Defender' will probably not have the military in its sights as its primary market,
The Defender name was a post rationalised marketing 'fit' in the 80's which aimed to 'capitalised'
on the use of the Land Rover in a armed forces...the world has moved on, and much more specialised
vehicles are now required for 'front line roles'.

So Defender, in my opinion has had its day, a good day, but it should be retired.

But... I think LR will be tempted to keep it, and try to use it to leverage 'credibility' in the replacement.
If they are brave, and do a good job with the replacement, which I think they will, all be it 'upping' everything
too much, price, technology, cost of ownership etc...they should give it a new name, one now making sense for
its primary markets...'sports / adventure / service sector' utility vehicles.


OH... and if its this, then call it DER

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

Post #569072 6th Oct 2016 8:45am
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