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Pioneer app thing..
Got this email this morning. As I do not have a mobile phone it is of no interest to me but it might be of interest to someone else.
Dear customer,
Curious about your car, your music and your world? Keep all your driving data in one personalisable place, thanks to the Pioneer Smart Sync App.
Get a grip on your speed, oil temperature, fuel consumption and much more. The Pioneer Smart Sync app displays your driving data on your large phone screen. Install the app, connect an OBD-II code reader* (sold separately), and access your driving information easily. From RPM, to battery voltage, coolant temperature, current fuel consumption, drive time, distance driven, average speed, and so much more.
And there is even more.
Use the Pioneer Smart Sync App to change your music to whatever you like, whenever you like. The Pioneer Smart Sync App user interface is easy to use on the road. On top of that, you can now pick a custom wallpaper, colour and theme so you can bring your life into your car.
Make the most of your in-car experience, thanks to the Pioneer Smart Sync App.
https://pioneersmartsync.com/ 1982 88" 2.25 diesel
1992 110 200tdi csw -Zikali
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