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United Kingdom 
Sub categories work fine.
It would be good though if categories of no interest could be effectively blocked as it can be a little annoying to find a category on the forum is if no interest contains new posts if that makes sense.

I’m all for off roaders and not urban cruisers. So the 2007 - 2016 Defender, D44 challenge tricks and Ibex / Grenadier type vehicles float my boat. Jeep even. (Except that’s even go downhill with Fiat’s involveme by a given half vs a chance!)

Definitely think Martin is right, don’t change what works.
There was the 2.4 to 2.2 Defender change too not so long ago and not a lot a changed there either.

LR is not for me anymore either, I am happy bc with what I have and will stick to it for certain. Diesels Lives Matter.
Like Thunder We Do Roll’
Post #841748 4th Jul 2020 2:09pm
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Netherlands 2000 Defender 130 Td5 HCPU Coniston Green
Martin wrote:
This site came about in 2008 as the Defender replacement was "imminent" at that time, it's not my fault LR delayed it by so long Rolling with laughter

So that's why it was "Defender2" - it was intended to be for the next-gen car.

In the meantime we ended up with a forum that's established itself for the "classic" Defender but with effectively the wrong name Laughing

I never understood the name of this forum. I'm so happy I finally stumbled upon this post! Defender 130 HCPU Td5 MY2000
Post #895439 1st Apr 2021 8:24pm
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England 2002 Defender 90 Td5 HT Epsom Green
With that logic i would have loved it if Martin had changed the name of the forum to Defender 3 for today only (April 1st) in 'readiness for the next gen Defender'........ Whistle

Can you imagine the response from some circles..... Shocked
Post #895458 1st Apr 2021 9:40pm
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Scotland 2015 Defender 110 Puma 2.2 USW Willow Green
The forum is great as it is.

It's helpful that when I click on new posts, there is the L663 suffix on each forum, so I know if they are relevant or not. Current Steeds:
2015 110 UW in Grasmere Green
2003 BMW F650 the Hack
2000 Elise
1992 Ducati 888 (no longer in bits, yahoo)
1988 TDR 250 (curently in bits)
Post #896042 5th Apr 2021 6:34pm
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Member Since: 19 Jul 2009
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United Kingdom 2014 Defender 110 Puma 2.2 USW Corris Grey
Been on here for a while and think the name should stay.

Grenadier.com is greatly needed as it’s nothing to do with defender new or old. It’s like having a jeep section.
Post #896058 5th Apr 2021 8:02pm
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Member Since: 18 Sep 2022
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Tim in Scotland wrote:
Then you don’t need to open the 2020 Defender section ever. I don’t want to read about V8’s or Pumas or series I just open them occassionally to click the “marked read” button.

If you click on the black subsection bar you can even close whole sections so you don’t see what’s been posted recently in them - see below about a suggestion for making a separate Grenadier subsection

Martin - a suggestion - split the forums like the RRSport and FullFatRR forums are for L494 and L405 within the main forum heading then people can click on the black bat to hide the sections they don’t want to see (like you can already here but then you cannot read the Grenadier board because it is combined with the 2020 Defender in the Defender replacement subsection.

Hi Martin,
I am with Tim - though I wouldn't necessarily need to blank out the other forums. What is a little annoying is that, if you've gone several pages down in a longer thread and you don't want to stay in the sub-sub-forum (Mods and Maintenance, for instance) but you would like to stay in the L663 forum, there is no link at top between "Home" and "Mods and Maintenance". So you can click "Home" and scroll back down to the L663 section or use the back arrow in the browser to list the recent history and hope you can find the right page in the list.

Just a niggle, but for someone who has been a heavy user in the past and will be in the coming future, it is annoying not to be able to move through the forum very quickly without stumbling here and there.

That said, I still think yours are some of the best forums on the web. I hate many of the newer forum sw and formats (such as landroverforums.com that has all but eliminated seperate thread pages leaving looooong threads where it is difficult to go back and find a specific post to quote, etc) and I utterly despise Facebook groups (not to mention that I utterly despise Facebook for facilitating Brexit, amongst other things). Your forums are simple to navigate, have excellent search functions, a very balanced selection of functions and features, and just work. Thumbs Up 
RRC 2Dr, RRC 4Dr,
P38, and 2 L322s,
2 FL1s and a L663 on the way
Post #984032 1st Mar 2023 11:01am
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