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United Kingdom 1986 Defender 90 300 Tdi HT Barolo Black
Landrover loss of power
Hi all,
It's my landrover 90. when i used to accelerate there would be a whooshing noise and a sudden loss of power. i found there was a pipe missing. Ive now got the bits i need and have put them in and have taken it for a test drive. the whooshing noise is still there but the power seems to be ok...... this is until i rev the engine really hard in first gear.

Any ideas?

there is also black smoke still coming from the exhaust
Post #939883 28th Jan 2022 5:04pm
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“Power seems OK” is pretty relative in a 300Tdi!

I think you’ll need to check the integrity of all of the pipework and joins from the turbo outlet to the engine inlet manifold - and possibly the inlet manifold gasket too.

For example:
A friend and I took the intercooler off his 300 a while ago. We filled it with degreaser and left it to soak overnight, sitting on a piece of cardboard. Back in the morning and the cardboard was soaked with degreaser, so there was no leak visible to the eye, but clearly leaking. You might hear this ‘whoosh’ I suppose.

I have a new turbo on my car, and for other reasons that aren’t relevant, it’s was more difficult to get the hose on the turbo outlet to stay in place. A couple of times (before I took the time to make damn sure it was on properly) I was driving along and the hose would pop off - big whoosh! - and no power. So you do need to be 100% sure that all the hoses are not split or leaking, and that the clips are all good and tight.

Then there’s the gasket between the inlet manifold and the cylinder head. (It’s a shared gasket with the exhaust) These do go, and you’d lose boost there.

A bit different, but a common enough thing with 300s is the cylinder head gasket itself. This might be making a ‘whoosh’. These can go, and the car will keep on running more or less ok. A common place for them to go is right at the back of the cylinder head. With the engine running, if you put your hand down the back of the head (not the rocker cover) you might feel a puff-puff-puff as the gases leak out.

Worth examining the fuel advance hose from the turbo to the fuel pump as well. If this is split or worn through, from rubbing against the engine or other brackets, then you won’t be getting the right fuelling as the turbo spins up. (And a different thing entirely is then to check that the diaphragm on top of the fuel pump is clean and not split - gunk and oil can come from the crankcase breather, to the turbo, and then be passed along the fuel advance hose. Once it gets to the fuel pump, it’s got nowhere to go.). Donald

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