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P400 MHEV High Pitch Noise at Full lock


My 2020 Defender has now been at the dealer for another month -_- while they tried to figure out what was causing this issue. In August I found the below bulletin mentioning the issue and a fix. I took it to my dealer and they then replaced the DC/DC convert. Once I got it back the issue was actually worse. Now the issue was all the time at full lock not just upon start up. During this time at the shop a 100amp fuse blew and we were waiting on the part to be delivered. They now are claiming that ALL P400 MHEV come with this "feature" and it's by design. That being said, has anyone else noticed this issue? My major concern is not the sound but why the sound is happening. If a high voltage is being sent to a component it should not it sounds like a recipe for disaster later down the line.

NHTSA ID Number: 10190066
Manufacturer Communication Number: SFCC_MAR2021_32

Anyone else with the P400 MHEV not have this sound when at full lock? I want to verify that they are not just feeding me Censored like they did the first time saying it was the "air compressor" turning on.

Post #930909 23rd Nov 2021 9:55pm
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nope and on our narrow roads i quite often do a "5 point turn" due to the crappy turning circle.
smells a bit whiffy, the usual LR BS when they do not have a clue..

are you on facebook? if yes post the info on the "all new defender owners group" and also
"New defender mods, fixes and feedback" quite a few owners on those groups, i would suspect
you will get broader feedback from P400 owners on the matter.. yet another pommie bar steward down under

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Post #931207 26th Nov 2021 4:41am
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