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Karma alive & well in Los Angeles
Wyclef Jean lifts Jaguar Land Rover CEO onto his shoulders and drops him on his head... Shocked

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On Monday night (Nov. 15), the Fugees rapper performed at the Range Rover Leadership Summit in Los Angeles before taking his talents to the after-party at the Edition Hotel in West Hollywood.

There, he served as entertainment for attendees, including Joe Eberhardt, the President & CEO of Jaguar Land Rover North America. According to footage from the event, the CEO took a seat on Wyclef’s shoulders and attempted to find his balance by grabbing onto the rapper’s hands. Moments later, he stumbled and fell, launching Eberhardt onto the floor. “Are you OK?” the star asked while several people rushed to help the executive.

According to TMZ, the CEO was not seriously injured after the fall, but he was “rattled by the drop” and decided to end his night early. As for Jean, he reportedly “looked embarrassed by the whole thing.” Fortunately, the Haitian star has time to recoup before he takes the stage for a tour with fellow members of the legendary Fugees.


He must have been heavier than he looked ~ maybe his pockets were full of some of the bags of cash he said dealers would make from reduced inventory and being able to refuse to negotiate and even inflate sticker prices.

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And the event...

"Land Rover brought together a host of highly accomplished entrepreneurs, athletes, business and entertainment pioneers to shine a light on the evolving nature of Modern Leadership in our society, at the first-ever Range Rover Leadership Summit at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles yesterday."

"The Range Rover Leadership Summit was created as a celebration of the evolving nature of modern leadership with a slate of engaging discussions, Q&A’s and keynote talks with some of today’s most respected thought-leaders across various industries".

"some of today’s most respected thought-leaders" Rolling with laughter
Post #930122 17th Nov 2021 4:31pm
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That is no way for a CEO to behave, what on earth is wrong with the world?! Shocked
Post #930137 17th Nov 2021 6:12pm
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I was watching the new FF Range launch the other week.....it was painful, i had to turn the sound off.

I knew it was going to be bad because at the start they showed a bunch of 'celebrites', almost all i had no idea who they were.

But then we all know that JLR talks heritage but in reality does not want to associate with 'that' kind of person and would rather be quaffing champagne with whoever is on the front of Chat magazine.

As an example, just see what Gerry and whoever was on stage with him looked liked that evening. Defiantly something disturbing about an old bloke with a creosoted syrup wearing all black with white trainers trying to appeal to 'da youff'.

And did none of the lackies not mention that wearing all black against a black background was not exactly clever.

So as per Supacats post, lets say i am past caring and it made me smile...... Rolling with laughter Rolling with laughter
Post #930145 17th Nov 2021 7:28pm
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