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Out of interest what guarantee do you have of receiving the agreed value should the worst happen??

Post #812531 29th Jan 2020 7:47pm
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United Kingdom 

An agreed value is the agreed value in a payout - so it's that minus excess in a fault claim.

Our insurers work off of photo's submitted by yourself at the start of the policy (front, back, left, right, engine bay, interior, dash, and in situ) in which they then agree the value for the event of a write off, if they have any concerns over the value requested by you they will contact us and as for an independent valuation or further photos etc but this is all done within the first month of the policy usually, ideally the first couple of weeks.

Unlike some of the agreed value additions with other brokers our underwriters look at the photos and each vehicle as an individual case - I know some other brokers will pop AV on anything for a price and then there's been some controversy in regards to how much is paid out - we do not charge for AV and in order to have it on the vehicle there are conditions to be met in regards to mileage and where the vehicle is kept.

Hope this helps

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Post #813349 3rd Feb 2020 10:15am
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gilarion wrote:
I am with A plan and have an agreed valuation. My defender is parked on the drive. It is loaded with security features though. While I have to say the cost of the policy is greater than a standard comprehensive I do have the knowledge that should the worst happen I am covered for its value.

A few things in the name of security I have fitted
Removal steering wheel
Data Tagged
Smart water tagged
Spare wheel lock
hand Brake lock
Starter circuit immobiliser
Krypton Bonnet lock
Bomb Proof Door hinge security
Sky tag letter code on the roof
Ultrasonic passive alarm security
Keyed electronic Fuel cut off
And a few secret things that I will not mention.

It may also worth noting that in addition to the required recent photos showing condition Etc. I was also asked for a full written garge report stating the condition of all parts and electrics. This report cost £125.00, so you have to add that to the cost of the policy.

Any link to the fuel cut off gil?............i would be interested in where you put it (pm obviously)and where is your lift pump is it in the tank?I wonder how many security ideas defender owners keep to themselves Whistle I have one that has the possibility to make me a few quid if i sort out a prototype and and one that is so cheap that im surprised no one has thought of it before ....or perhaps they have and not told anyone Embarassed(i have told one person on here a couple of years ago so perhaps it spread)

Post #835597 6th Jun 2020 11:02pm
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You just need to interrupt the 12v feed to the pump (the electric pump in th engine bay, not the fuel tank) and place a toggle switch in the line, hide the switch somewhere in the Defender that is out of sight but easy to get to from the driver's seat. The wires are easy to feed through to the engine bay and are easily hidden behind trim. You could go the full hog and install a keyed switch if you like. For those who like Welsh Mountains and narrow boats have a look at my videos and photos at..


Post #835666 7th Jun 2020 12:31pm
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my mistake gil i thought you had a in line solenoid based fuel line cut off !


I was just wondering the best place to put one of these!If you have an inertia switch cut of does that not stop the fuel pump?Thanks for replying and stay safe!

Post #835710 7th Jun 2020 4:19pm
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