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United Kingdom 1986 Defender 110 200 Tdi SW Portofino Red
Aircon fitting to 1986 300tdi

Would anyone have the instructions for retrofitting aircon to a retrofitted 300tdi 1986 110 please? Could do with some info to help this fit, or even if anyone else has managed it?

I have got the aircon dashboard parts, a discovery engine fitted that has the aircon compressor, and a Td5 condenser radiator.
The potential problem I have is that the discovery radiator and intercooler are so wide that there isn’t much space for the aircon pipes to get to the condenser, which then pushes the radiator frame too close to the bonnet strut.
I’m considering fitting an aircon grill, but I do have loads of space to mount the radiator closer to the bulkhead and engine and perhaps retain the original front panel. Also, I’ld lose the early front panel with key and manual (non cable) bonnet opener with the aircon front panel. Although L/R did make some early 110’s with aircon, details on the net are limited.
Perhaps I would be better going for all td5 stuff at the front end (rad, intercooler, condenser) and plumbing that to the 300tdi, but I haven’t worked out how to sort an oil cooler if I do that.

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OOOOOH I would be interested in this as well...... Building a 110 expedition vehicle, pictures can be found: @steve_overland on Insta.

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