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contact police

I read on the facebook group that a stolen defender was spotted, but they decided to post the picture of the reg, I am starting to think it maybe best just to ring the police and give them the reg just to see if its reported stolen. If it is then the motor can be back with the owner, If the fella had done that, then a 110 could have been back with its owner. just a thought if you see one parked up, rather than posting it on facebook. Defender TD5 90 ---/--- Peugeot 306 HDI hatch back

Post #771368 3rd May 2019 5:19pm
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Problem is procta people like me genuinely leave their defender in Censored nowhere, In industrial estates, and hidden down back streets for work...

the best one is the guest parking for when i visit my brother, down a back road leading to an industrial estate tucked between a mound and a substation...

I don't see why the police don't have a self updating list of all stolen cars on the internet, one that you can instantly search regs to see whether its stolen or not, and perhaps gives a few details.

I'm aware such a list exists for insurers and governmental departments and agencies... I'm on IG: https://www.instagram.com/osloblue42/
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Post #771400 3rd May 2019 8:36pm
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you be lucky if they tell you if its stolen . we had a nice jag on our carpark it was stolen sat there for 3 day no one came it disappeared on night after the gate was forced open

Post #771894 7th May 2019 1:20pm
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In the last few months I have been stopped by the Police questioning my ownership, etc. The officers said to me that across the country due to the thefts of defenders that they are going to conduct more random stops. My comment to the police is possibly shared by others though, which was in the event that the vehicle was stolen do they really believe in a defender they will stop! As I pointed out the likely response of a thief would be to ram the chasing car and immobilize it before disappearing and other resources can take up chase. Seen similar with the police footage programs on the TV.

On a serious note though it's a catch 22 for the Police as they would probably welcome the report of the location of a vehicle, but may not have the resource to act upon it or it may be a time waster.

Post #771897 7th May 2019 1:36pm
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The traffic cars will have automatic number plate recognition and this will flag up immediately if it is stolen - as long as the number plates are genuine.

Post #771964 7th May 2019 7:37pm
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In Chile at least you can put any plate number in a web page made by the police to see if the car have been stolen. Eduardo

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Post #771966 7th May 2019 7:42pm
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