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Rhino Rack Batwing 270 degree awning

The original 270 degree awning was a collaboration between Oztent and Rhino Rack which many people are familiar with. The Batwing is a sole Rhino Rack product which is the same size as the Foxwing and many improvements over the Foxwing.

Click image to enlarge

Unlike the Foxwing where the vertical poles and pegs have to be carried separately on the Batwing wing the vertical poles are hinged onto the ribs and there is a peg bag in the main Batwing bag

Foxwing poles and pegs carried separate

Click image to enlarge

Batwing attached poles and peg bag

Click image to enlarge

With the Foxwing needed to form an impression for the vertical poles to sit in. With the Batwing the foot of the vertical pole is pegged downwards with 2 pegs.

Click image to enlarge

The backplate hinge block poles etc are all coated black

Click image to enlarge

Now the Batwing comes with 8 guy ropes, 4 with S hooks attached and 4 without. Now the Rhino Rack procedure is to use the S hooks at the top of the vertical pole and the others on the webbing tab in the middle of the panels. However we do this the opposite way. The guy ropes without S hooks are knotted onto the vertical pole and left on permanently. This means there is more control when one person is setting it up in breezy conditions

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

It gives the same amount of shade as the Foxwing, the tagalong and zipped tapered extensions works the same. Next photo have not attached the velcro strap, ooops

Click image to enlarge

Slight downside is I would prefer 4 more guy ropes for windy conditions and some more pegs.

Upside it comes with 2 spare hinge inserts as standard.



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I like that, small modifications that result in a huge improvement. I love my Foxwing but that is so much better, gonna have to have one.

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