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Portugal 2007 Defender 110 Puma 2.4 HT Keswick Green

I am quite sceptic about putting Censored into my engine too. I went to buy a fuse in a moto-shop and then had this impuls to get a bottle of Ceratec and give it a try.
I was surprised by the effect in a big way. I was not expecting to see any significant improvement and then I looked at the fuel level and trip distance. So, I put fuel to make counts. That was the first fuelling when I got 9.2l/100 km. After I made almost 400 km on a highway and I put fuel again to see those 10l/100km (a bit more than 10, because I put the tank really full).
I have been having, as you can read in my first post of this thread, bad fuel economy for 2 years and now this surprise. I am still not sure what to think about it... Bergos

LR Defender 110 HT 2007 (2.4 Puma)

Post #734212 11th Oct 2018 1:42pm
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I'd replace the injector seals and redo the pilot injection learn.

Also - have you still got the EGR valve in place? The home of the first modified Keswick Green 90 - and the first 2.4 Puma through both the 200bhp and 550Nm barriers.

Post #735276 17th Oct 2018 11:54am
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