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North temperature tips
We're in the planning stages of staying in North West of Norway over Christmas and driving to our location from Devon.

I have the route pretty much sorted which will involve the outward journey utilising Sweden's straighter roads on the outwards journey and using Norwegian's more scenic routes along the western coastline on the way home.

My question is for those who live/use these areas of Norway/Sweden or even Russia who have any tips for preparing the Landy for the journey.

I don't think we're going to need to carry extra fuel as were not off I of the unknown just yet, but how does propane gas work in low temperatures, should I look at wrapping the bottle ( fitted behind the rear NS wheel in the area )

Many moons ago when we were in Iraq we would light small fires under the fuel tanks of the Bedford's and Landis's to keep the diesel thinner on start up but tbh these days I look for easier solutions, so is a thermo top essential ?

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