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United Kingdom 1994 Defender 90 V8 Petrol SW Corris Grey

Some Nice News to share:

Its been a busy couple of months on our website, there are thousands of new products including significant new listings for older models and the adding of extra sections for newer models, we will never be finished as there is always more to do and we are determined to catalogue the much-needed items in an easy to use format.

The biggest change to announce is a New Online Discount Code: AF4LRP, our way of remembering this is: Advanced Factors 4 Land Rover Parts.

The new discount code is there to enhance your deal and remove small value discounts that don’t really inspire. We now have a 10% discount for orders over £600, 7.5% for £350-£600 and the previous 5% orders for £100-£350. We have dropped the discount for orders below £100 although the old discount code will continue to work until a point next year when we believe everyone has switched. I hope you agree this is a nice deal, especially if you have a few jobs to do.

We have some changes to our UK delivery options, still using a combination of Parcelforce & DHL.
A significant annoyance to many is how the couriers treat the UK “Remote” areas of the Highlands, Islands and even Northern Ireland so we have decided to absorb the extra costs of delivering to these areas, we hope you support us with sensible orders where possible so that we can continue it.

Other changes include raising a little of the minimum order value to obtain a free delivery but then being able to extend this to every area of the UK for the first time. (IOM &CIs are not yet included but already reasonable) There are more delivery options than before so please look at the delivery page of the website for full details.

No changes have been made to our overseas deliveries.

One final note today:

Suspension compressors for Discovery 3, 4 & Range Rover Sport
We are also now in a position to also offer genuine Land Rover compressors (Not genuine AMK as others advertise but genuine Land Rover ones) without the £180+VAT surcharge, this is thanks to a number of generous donations of old units that we can feed back in to the system, we will be happy to receive your old unit back to enable this scheme to continue, sadly we cannot pay you for this though. Paul
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