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Slideywindows wrote:
On the subject of the "sameness" of current JLR design, a car pulled across a roundabout in front of me yesterday and I thought "ooh, that's a nice Evoque".

Got up behind it - and it was a Peugeot!

I don't think anyone mistook a Defender for anything else, even from half a mile away.

That is what they should be striving for with the new Defender, rather than massaging Mr McGovern's ego.

They are doing a good job in keeping us all guessing though!

Embarrassingly I also saw a nice range rover go by and as I looked closer it was a new ford explorer. My wife drives a range rover. I thought I had better observational skills... 1999 Defender 110
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"And that's why it needs to be celebrated, because when the Defender goes we'll have lost this pointer to where we came from, and we're really going to miss it."

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