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Defender 2.2 Remap

Defender 2.2 122bhp & 360nm

Empire Tuning Stage 1: 160 - 170bhp & 450 - 460nm a 39% increase in bhp and 27% torque from software only.

EGR (retaining cleaning cycle) & Speedlimiter removal - fully fitted and tested.

We were recently contacted by a Gentlemen who resides in Tunisia asking if we could tune his Defender 2.2. Not a problem we said just send us your ECU and we can send it back (which we do to various parts of world on a regular basis). He said no im driving over and as im going to the Scottish Land Rover show and a few other places. So we arrange a time and day to get him in. He actually arrived late on a Sunday and we offered to do the job for him then so he has a easier day tomorrow so here's a few pictures

Our stage 1 on these really does change how they respond and instantly reduces the throttle jerkiness some of these Defenders suffer with.

Contact us today as were sure we can help with your Defender, dont forget you can also try before you buy giving you that extra piece of mind!

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Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge

Custom Remaps including EGR, Speedlimter & DPF removal

We cover the entire UK pm for more info

Dont forget to like us on FaceBook

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