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Member Since: 06 Mar 2011
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United Kingdom 1999 Defender 90 Td5 HT Woodcote Green
Adrian flux insurance (Moan)

Just wanted to share the frustration I am having with Adrian Flux at the moment. I renewed my premium which had significantly increased this year this month. I paid in full as I normally do only to find out yesterday that they had taken the policy premium out of my bank twice !!!!

I called and asked why they had done this and no one could explain. I asked for an email confirmation that they would refund my money as it had actually caused the particular account to become overdrawn. They promised that they would process the refund and confirm via email that day. Did I get an email....... NO.

So infuriated I emailed them 3 times using their online contact form on their website asking for an explanation as to why they have not contacted me. No reply.....

Today I called them for an explanation as to why I did not get my promised email nor did they reply to my further 3 emails. The reply I go at was " ahhh sir the email you put on the form Was different to one we have on record for you, so we did not reply" Does no one have any common sense anymore. Ok my email address may have been different, I have several like most folks theses days. But my name, address , phone number and car reg was the same. Why could not any body be bothered to call me to discuss my dissatisfaction Evil or Very Mad

I was also annoyed this year that to get the cover I had to prove with photographs that I could garage my car. They would not take my word for it. Trust is a great thing isn't it Rolling Eyes

Needless to say I will not be renewing next year so if any of you have any good tails to tell of insurance companies who actually do value their customers and treat them with decency then I would be most interested please.

One of Adrian Flux's strap lines is " we like to treat our customers as individuals" from my experience this could not be further from the truth Evil or Very Mad

So if you want to avoid big increases in your policy even though you have been loyal to them for a number of years, a finance dept that is disfunctional and the worst customer service I have received in a long time. Avoid Adrian Flux.

Rant over...... now for a pint Thumbs Up

Post #700026 10th Apr 2018 8:10pm
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Hairy Dan

Member Since: 25 Apr 2013
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United Kingdom 1998 Defender 90 V8 Petrol 50th Auto Chawton White

I went with A-Plan for my Defender after ringing Flux and getting totally Censored off with the guy on the phone. When I rang the guy said to me "How much do you want to pay?" I said "I didn't know because this was the first time I was taking out this type of policy" to which he replied "I need to know how much you will be willing to pay before I waste my time getting a quote for you" It was at this point I hung up Banging Head Cheers Ian
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Post #700040 10th Apr 2018 8:34pm
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ian series 1

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United Kingdom 2008 Defender 90 Puma 2.4 CSW Bonatti Grey

I’ve got 2 with Flux and 2 with Heritage, I can’t decide which one is worse?

Without going into detail, I’m finding either one aren't too great when it comes to renewals or changes on the policy mid term, like you say Flux have never returned a call!
I won’t be renewing with either this year. Neutral

My Defender is with A plan, which has always been great. 80" 80" 86" 88" 90"

Wanted, Forward Control Anything considered.

Post #700041 10th Apr 2018 8:37pm
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United Kingdom 2016 Defender 90 Puma 2.2 XS CSW Aintree Green

Just for a bit of balance, I went with Flux because A-plan were useless. Renewed twice and *so far* seem to be ok.
I think they are all capable of poor service.

(Also A-plan/Flux etc are just brokers. A plan were offering a Markerstudy policy, so that put me off as well.)

Post #700045 10th Apr 2018 8:40pm
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Member Since: 19 Sep 2016
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England 2004 Defender 90 2.5 TD XS CSW Zambezi Silver

I'm with direct line and they've been fab to deal with. My dog is with direct line as well and they paid a £3k vet bill within 24 hours Smile

Post #700107 10th Apr 2018 10:57pm
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2004 Defender 110 Td5 DCPU Epsom Green

Flux can be hit n miss. Been generally good for me all mods declared with no additional fee bar a £30 increase for a hybrid turbo.

Though a little Censored when I wanted to up my mileage from 5k to 10k wanted £170 inc an admin fee.

Been with them 6/7 years now usually the cheapest and understand Defenders quite well.

Post #700130 11th Apr 2018 7:07am
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United Kingdom 2015 Defender 90 Puma 2.2 XS CSW Santorini Black

I have had excellent and efficient service from A-Plan for my two Land Rovers. I've no experience of claims with them and let's face it this is when it sorts out the men from the boys. Hopefully I'll never put it to the test but it would be interesting to hear from members who have experience of a claim through them. Santorini 90XS SW
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Post #700140 11th Apr 2018 7:34am
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England 2005 Defender 90 Td5 XS CSW Bonatti Grey

Don't forget, A Flux are brokers not insurers so differing attitudes to their service may depend on which insurance company they have placed your cover.
I have two vehicles insured through them and have had no trouble other than rather slow responses so far. 

Post #700167 11th Apr 2018 10:40am
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Member Since: 21 May 2008
Location: in the woods
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My M3 went from flux to a-plan and my bill went from £562 to £320 and better cover

Flux used to be competitive cheers, BP Man

Post #700291 11th Apr 2018 9:16pm
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Member Since: 09 Sep 2016
Location: Essex
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I have several classic LR's as well as a Defender or two (all old!)

I keep getting sick of Flux and going elsewhere.

Haven't found elsewhere to be any better, so often end up going back to Flux.

Never EVER automatically renew your insurance though.

Get them to work for it. Whistle

Post #700469 12th Apr 2018 9:36pm
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Member Since: 13 Sep 2015
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United Kingdom 1999 Defender 110 Td5 CSW Rioja Red

They're all a nightmare, none of them value customer loyalty, none of them actually care about anything other than screwing you out of more money.

I asked A-Plan and flux for a quote on the defender once. One quoted me over 3x what I ended up paying. The other declined to quote until I had "more experience driving this type of vehicle (big and slow?). The irony seemed lost on them that I coudln't gain experience without insurance...

I've had an admiral Multicar for a few years now. They do alright, other than recently losing all record of my address change and then trying to charge me for it....

Post #700473 12th Apr 2018 10:13pm
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A-Plan Insurance
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United Kingdom 

Hairy Dan, ian series 1 & discomog thank you Thumbs Up

apt100 if you'd like to pm me some details I can take a look at your file/quote to see where we went wrong or why we were unable to help you?

miker it's likely due to experience in engine size, for example I previously had a little 1.2l hatchback and therefore would not have the experience for an engine that size as it's a bit of a jump. After 1 year of ownership we would have no problems quoting you on experience - don't give up Smile think of us at renewal... sorry we couldn't help you this year though.

As always with insurance, we can't win them all... but we are developing new schemes with insurers all the time so next year we may be better for you. We pride ourself in our customer service so if there are any issues in the service you've recieved please pm me so I can look into.

Carlie A-Plan Insurance
Call us on 01635 874646 for a quotation Click Here

Post #701218 16th Apr 2018 7:56am
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