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Assembling the rear hub

I have assembled my hub but I'm concerned I may have muddled the order up. I have a W reg Td5 110 with a Salisbury Axle and disc brakes.

I changed the seal on the back of the stub axle. Then the hub went on with (from inside to outside,

Seal, bearing race, race outer, tube spacer, race outer, washer (with a flat on inner), staked nut.

I did this up to the 210Nm and noted that the hub moved but had some resistance.

So could someone confirm I have it in the right order of stuff? I couldn't find a picture of it in the HBoL or RAVE. 

Post #668968 4th Dec 2017 7:28pm
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In your list you have missed out the inner race for the outer bearing, but I think you must have fitted it due to the impossibility of asembling the hub without it!

When assembling the hub, you should:

1 ) Drive the new outer races into the hub until they are properly seated.
2 ) Put the inner bearing (inner race and rollers) in place in the hub.
3 ) Press the seal into place
4 ) Slide the hub onto the stub axle.
5 ) Slide the spacer tube ontop the stub axle.
6 ) slide the outer bearing (inner race and rollers) onto the stub axle.
7 ) Fit the thick thrust washer onto the stub axle.
8 ) Fit the stake nut onto the stub axle.

I haven't mentioned grease, but obviously there should be grease involved in this process as well.

From the description this is exactlly what you have done.

If you have replaced the bearings, the stub axle, or the hub you may need either a different sized spacer tube or to convert to the earlier and generally superior system of adjustable end-float. Correctly assembled the hub should spin easily and evenly with no perceptible end float and only a very slight drag.

Post #669494 7th Dec 2017 8:49am
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