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United Kingdom 2005 Defender 110 Td5 XS CSW Bonatti Grey
Thanks for all the advice- I really appreciate it. Suspension is definitely one of those areas where there's pretty much limitless options and everything is a compromise!

Now I'm thinking +2 OME shocks with standard springs sounds like it might be what I need (along with probably trading out the bushes). I'll give Gwyn Lewis a call when I've sorted out what budget I have available (otherwise I can see myself agreeing to spend a fortune I don't have ha ha).

For green lanes/off-road I don't do anything extreme, but do like some rutty and muddy stuff. Also loosely planning an extetended trip down through Europe to Morroco to drive the anti atlas and a bit of desert next year fingers crossed.
Post #1033625 2nd May 2024 4:20pm
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Re: Suspension upgrade - mixed use
Defenders already sit pretty high, so you shouldn't really need to lift them. Compared to other 4x4s its like Land Rover included a lift as part of the basic design. Although a 110 does have a poorer breakover angel compared to a 90, so a small 1" lift might help here. I wouldn't have thought yours is really "sagging", that isn't really how coil springs work.


I quite like the Flatdog springs: https://www.flatdoguk.com/def%2D110%2D%2B1%2D%2F%2Dhd%2D1%7E637

Sorry for hijacking the thread, but ...

I currently use +2" HD springs with OME shocks. Since I try to reduce the weight of my One Ten I thought about using more comfortable +1" springs (with the same shocks). I tried to contact Flatdog multiple times, but never got an answer?!

Hence, are their springs worth the money, and how can I get in touch with them?

Best, Philippe
Post #1038774 30th Jun 2024 1:49pm
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Chicken Drumstick

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United Kingdom 
I have bought from their online shop a few times. My brother and Uncle also have springs from them. I think they have a phone number if you want to try. And maybe a chat function on their site during business hours.

Springs seem good to me. Paint will eventually come off, but on par with any other springs I’ve used or seen.
Post #1038776 30th Jun 2024 1:58pm
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landy andy

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2006 Defender 110 Td5 USW Zermatt Silver
OME do plus one springs and have a good history of quality. Chat with Gwyn Lewis. He knows all there is about suspension and OME.

Post #1038795 30th Jun 2024 5:47pm
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United Kingdom 
I’ve always found Gwynn Lewis to be very helpful as others have said, although I tend to find Old Man Emu set ups on the firmer side for me, and less comfortable when unloaded

Everything’s a compromise with steel springs and dampers (unless you want to shell out big bucks for an air suspension kit or something like the new Nimbus’ oleo-pneumatic units) Personally I prefer a set up that gives me the comfort I need for my usage 90% of the time, rather than having to put up with an overly firm ride with a heavy duty spring/damper set up which I only benefit from the extra load capacity 10% of the time.

If you want to keep it standard height then it might be worth having a look at the suspension set ups sold by Alive Tuning. They have their own standard height ‘comfort’ springs (possibly made by Eibach I suspect) as well as different damper options: Bilstein B6’s which are give a stiffer ride/better road holding, Fox shocks which are the softest most comfortable option, or their own Alive Performance dampers which sit between the two. The down side to an Alive set up compared to Gwyn Lewis is you don’t have the stronger pin-pin damper option or the option or his extended damper/dislocation kits for better articulation.

You could look at options to temporarily improve the load capacity of your set up for the occasional times you need it. Land Rover did this with the Boge self-levelling strut they used to fit to 110 station wagons to maintain the ride height when heavily loaded. Good quality air helper springs or 130 helper springs are a aftermarket option but they do have draw backs too.

For additional ride comfort and better road handling it’s probably worth looking at replacing your suspension bushes too - I’ve found Superpro (kits also available from Gwynn Lewis) to be the best.

Not directly related to your initial query, but another part of the suspension set up I like is the X-Eng X-Deflex anti roll bar which gives a good balance of cornering ability on road whilst still allowing you to maintain good axle articulation off-road.
Post #1039618 10th Jul 2024 2:30pm
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