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United Kingdom 1997 Defender 110 300 Tdi SW Corris Grey
We were meeting up with friends this Sunday gone to do a hike in Yorkshire, the original plan was to camp up there and do something on Saturday, but when we saw how windy it was going to be overnight and no real plans we decided not to bother camping and just go up in the car in a day.

That left this Saturday to do a few more odd jobs.

One thing that's been a weird problem, for probably about two years now, is there is absolutely no power off boost i.e. moving off in first gear - its really noticeable when the engines cold. Normally it doesn't really present itself, but on those odd occasions that you have to do a (very) steep hill start on a road or leaving somewhere up a hill with a cold engine (i.e. laving a campsite). Its normally followed by clouds of black smoke and stalling the engine if I don't feather the clutch.

I have done the obvious fiddling with the fuel pump, and its helped, but not the huge difference I have been reading about. Speaking to someone at the overland meet up they mentioned that they had similar problem and there valve caps had worn. So I decided to open the rocker cover, can you spot what's wrong?

Click image to enlarge

The valve cap at the front of the photo is missing. Who knows where its gone! I think the last person to open the rocker cover was myself when I did the cylinder head change (it was quite a while ago) and I was anal about making sure the valve caps were there, so its disappeared sometime after that, I don't think anyone has been in there since.

I am amazed how it didn't make more noise, the actual clearance on the missing cap was still fairly small and the lock nut was tight so my guess is that its just disintegrated?

I haven't tried driving the truck since, but we will see if its made a difference. I am paranoid that I haven't done the rocker shaft bolts up correctly (I know I have), but its playing on my mind!
Post #1031601 15th Apr 2024 9:06am
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Member Since: 27 Jul 2022
Location: Midlands
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United Kingdom 1997 Defender 110 300 Tdi SW Corris Grey
It really feels like this year is escaping me, how is it mid May already! Were off to the Pyrenees in pretty much exactly a month now, so all hands on the final checks and changes.

The last week or so the land rover has been with our friend and mechanic in Mid Wales having a general 'health check' to make sure were all set. He changed one of the track rod ends as it was an advisory on the MOT, done a few small bits and also tuned the engine for us.

The engine tune was a big thing for me as its had a bit of a weird low power issue when off boost, I mentioned it in my previous post. When the engine is cold there is absolutely no power off boost when moving off in first gear from stationary, it normally presents itself at the worst possible moment like leaving a campsite uphill in the morning.... good way to wake everyone up I think not!

I spotted that one of the valve caps was missing which has made a big difference, after checking for blockages & leaks Lee also tuned the engine and turned up the fuel screw which seems to have helped (on his test runs he certainly thinks it has). I haven't really driven it much to find out, but it seems to have made a difference overall with a lot more power across the range but also less black smoke.

The problem is we have quite a sporty daily driver, so every time I get into the LR I think something is wrong / underpowered as it drives like a freight train (plot twist, that's exactly what it is!) and it take a while to get used to it.

Earlier in the year I set out a list of things we need to do to get the LR in top shape and also some that were needed to improve the usability of the truck, they were:

    - Bonnet cable needs replacing (DONE)
    - Heater temperature cable needs replacing (DONE)
    - Windscreen wiper cable needs replacing (DONE)
    - Front brake discs (DONE)
    - Brake pads all around (DONE)
    - Horn does not work (DONE)
    - Pop up roof water leak (DONE)
    - New leisure battery (DONE)
    - Chassis rust treatment being done by Trek Overland (DONE)
    - Radio needs replacing as it intermittently works (DONE - see note below)
    - LED headlights & sidelights (DONE) - I wish I did this years ago
    - Carpet interior trim (DONE)

Additionally we have also:
- Fitted new tyres, I was hoping these would last for the Pyraneese, but there were a couple of deep cuts in them so best not to risk it).
- Full width intercooler, I am not sure if its made a huge difference in performance, but its certainly brought the EGTs down and reduced the smoke when you floor it.
- Fitted a tubular winch bumper, I know they are not to everyone's taste, but its something we have wanted for a while and one popped up in very good condition for a very reasonable price, so it seemed the opportune moment to get one. I am mid fitting this as I type as I am waiting on some longer bolts for the chassis rails. It was a surprising fiddle to fit.

There are still a few things that I haven't ticked off the list yet and they include:
    - Gas strut for rear door, I am going to do this at the same time as fitting the rear door drop down table. I am not sure if I have time before we head off, but its not that important.
    - Higher awning bracket, again I don't think I have time to sort these.
    - Steering damper bushes, these are actually in the shed, tonight's job maybe?

I think we are mostly set for our trip now, its mostly just packing and a few little touches to the camper - we have a bug net for the rear door which needs fitting (and probably modifying). We have also been given a Duvalay mattress topper, we haven't tried it out yet but my partner finds the foam too firm so hopefully this will be better for her. I think that's about it really? Just pushing on with bits between work.

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge
Post #1034690 14th May 2024 9:40am
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United Kingdom 2012 Defender 110 Puma 2.2 XS CSW Firenze Red
Fabulous !!
looking forward to hearing about your trip soon !
Enjoy the journeys and adventures
Hope to see you both on the road sometime!
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Post #1034723 14th May 2024 12:34pm
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United Kingdom 2009 Defender 110 Puma 2.4 HT Keswick Green
She’s looking great Andrew! We might catch eachother in the Pyrennes! We’ll be in the area around 15-28 June!
Post #1034871 15th May 2024 9:06pm
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