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Member Since: 23 Aug 2015
Location: Bolton
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United Kingdom 1997 Defender 110 300 Tdi CSW Coniston Green
I had mine recored at a local shop by 2 old guys. The cost was greater than a Nissens, and they did their best to convince me to buy Nissens, as they thought it would be just as good. The recored one has lasted 7 years so far, and they obviously knew their radiators, so fingers crossed yours'll be OK
Post #1015103 14th Nov 2023 5:49pm
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Member Since: 04 May 2019
Location: UK
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1997 Defender 110 300 Tdi CSW Alpine White
So the Nissens one is basically identical to the stock images. It feels unnervingly light. I've changed to constant tensions clamps because the hose stubs are now plastic and the screw hose clips have the potential of cracking the if done too tight. As I found out when tightening the plastic top bung which cracked in half! Will replace with a brass one. Another major risk is snapping the smaller bleed spigot whilst tightening the upper oil cooler hose with a spanner. One of the top mounting studs doesn't reach all the way through the frame for some reason

In all, I'm only mildly satisfied, but have had to act quickly. The only saving grace I think is that the aluminium might be more corrosion resistant than the copper/brass? I'll keep ahold of the used one for future recore options. As you can see, it's gone from some fins missing to this in one year:

Click image to enlarge
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Post #1015929 21st Nov 2023 4:42pm
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Northern Ireland 2006 Defender 90 Td5 HT Bonatti Grey
My local Radiator shop, which has been going for a long time told me unfortunately Nissens are no longer the quality they once were either Neutral
Post #1015972 22nd Nov 2023 1:04am
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Member Since: 03 Dec 2016
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United Kingdom 
my dad went to the local rad place, and got an Alu one, and he has no trouble at all. Thumbs Up Defender TD5 90 ---/--- Peugeot 306 HDI hatch back

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Post #1017212 3rd Dec 2023 2:52am
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Australia 1998 Defender 110 300 Tdi SW Alpine White
Will@LRW wrote:
I've ordered a Nissens one, which is the next price point above rock bottom. All stock photos now look identical. I'll keep my older one and try and get it recored at some point, but I needed to get it done sharpish as fins are being blown into the engine bay Shocked

Will report back on what actually arrives!

The Nissens one in my defender has withstood everything the Australian outback has thrown at it
Post #1024448 12th Feb 2024 6:54am
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I Like Old Skool

Member Since: 23 Feb 2015
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United Kingdom 1994 Defender 110 300 Tdi ST Coniston Green
Can I just say....?

When I got my 94 tdi nearly 10 yrs ago the rad was looking pretty tired (probably original?)

When it failed (shortly after I put fresh antifreeze in) I did some deliberation about the recore/brass core OEM/ali options and in the end plumped for the cheap Paddocks rad as it was well, ...... cheap.

TBH, swapping out a rad is a very, very simple job and the rad failure mode is usually to give plenty of warning (if you watch these kind of things) like damp patches, falling coolant level, puddles under a parked vehicle etc. If a rad only lasts 5-10 yrs instead of 20+ yrs what is the major hardship? If you are on top of your Defender maintenance/check regime as you should be then a leaky rad should be spotted and addressed long before it becomes an issue.
Post #1024830 15th Feb 2024 11:07pm
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