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Craig772 wrote:
As the 10P map is for the NNN00120, besides running would it generate any errors on a NNN500020 or NNN500250 ECU?

There are specific/distinctive maps to run a 10p/EU2 Defender on either a NNN000120 or NNN500020 ECU.

Strictly speaking all NNN type ECUs can manage a manual Defender (whether 10p or 15p engined), though the auto type ECUs (ending in 130) as well as the non-cooled EGR ECD3 type ECUs (ending in 250) will give various issues, some fixable some not, some rather innocuous such as ghost faults stored in memory, others quite annoying like inverting coolant temperature instrument readings or giving false fuel tank level. Reason behind is the EU2 mapsets available for these ECUs are intended for the Discovery 2.

Long story short you want a NNN000120 or a NNN500020 as a second/back-up ECU.

Can supply virgin maps if required (safer to flash with than a mapset saved to the Nanocom from your existing ECU as the verification routine request will be on). Ditto, if the ECU has been remapped and the mapset encoded then it cannot be accessed with the Nanocom (or equivalent). 24 yrs of Td5 ownership
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