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Some things are beneficial like GPS yes, like Sat Nav for road use but the good thing is with those things is they are optional and stand alone.
The problem occurs sometimes where it’s integrated into the hardware of the system into autonomous type control, which then removes the control, feel and essence of the usability and drive like you say.

I may be unique or not but I like the fact the Puma has a manual transmission, and I like that it’s six speed.
I like that you can have the essence of driving a manual and the input and control that it has, in particular off road.
It’s not that I see it as old fashioned like “the good old days” but, I just don’t see the same appeal in pressing a button for say selecting 4wd or diff locking.

It’s one of the reasons why I chose a Defender in the first place and not a Jeep, as the latter typically had Auto box, and not great manual boxes or at least not that common.

Basically like most of us feel, the Defender is my favourite, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Basically the same following as the Hummer or Jeep following in the States, as what they are used to is their favourite and wouldn’t have it any other way.
And finally the Defender can do a lot, more than what any car can do, its capability off the road.
Greenlaning, winching if needed, outdoor and commercial work, specialist jobs the list goes on.

If I had my way it would be built again here as it was, it’s a great shame it isn’t in my opinion.
I think a lot of people are not progressing onto vehicles beyond 2020, and keeping what they like.
Obviously there are many that do in different sectors, but there doesn’t seem like much progress being made to upgrade to anything, there does not seem anything that much on offer.
Nor much interest by manufacturers and sales are poor, but PU and SUV sales are up in the US.

The price rises of farming equipment though is staggering, most people don’t realise even a flail for hedge cutting is £8k to £21k as an example and H&S entails more equipment needs to be newer and safer. Such H&S initiatives such as PTO covers etc is a very good thing though regardless of any costs.
The injuries can be horrendous, often fatal and not financial value is worth that risk.
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