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Glad to see there are some updates to this.

FoxHodgess - did you need to effectively strip the vehicle, as was outlined above, or take your own kit with you?

It seems to me that having worked out an 'ideal' camping configuration that suits your own circumstances, having to take it all out and leave it at home (and presumably buy other stuff in Canada -and then sell?) would be a massive PITA.

Spending some money shipping I can live with, for what would be a "bucket list" trip, but if there are so many other add-on hassles I just don't see it being viable to take my own car. Donald

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in the past..
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not to mention the minis and the Type 2 VW camper...
Post #976697 4th Jan 2023 7:27pm
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theheffman wrote:

I am looking at shipping my Defender TD5 to Vancouver , looking to move there from the UK.

The question i have is how to get the truck from Halifax to Vancouver. The RORO ships arrive in Halifax from the UK, i assume I would need to get it on a train to Vancouver somehow .

Anyone done this before ?


Hey John,

I have just done this. I live in Vancouver, moved here 3 years ago but finally got round to shipping my Td5 90 out here end of last year, it arrived in December.

What questions do you have?

Container pricing is high right now, so I did RORO from Southampton to Tacoma in the USA, then had it trucked across the border. There arent many if any RORO routes direct into Vancouver right now, and shipping to Halifax than either train or truck across the country worked out more expensive, and I didnt fancy driving 2 weeks and seeing nothing but highway.

I can put you in touch with my broker on UK and Canada side who can get you latest pricing etc. In short they did everything for me and gave me a call when it was on the truck across the border.

Also, it might be of interest to both you and Geoff but these were my costs (Late 2022):

Canada side customs, clearance etc: CAD$1000
GST (Tax) on declared vehicle value : $CAD835
Truck Transport from Tacoma to Vancouver: $1100
Shipping/Ocean Freight Southampton to Tacoma GBP 2639

All in circa GBP4500 - 4750

I also paid a firm in Southampton to fully valet and steam clean every nook and cranny to prevent issue on import. Cost me a couple of hundred extra.

Then the only further cost was insurance and registration and paying PST for me, although you are PST exempt for a number of years if you declare it when you move over here as 'goods to follow' i.e. personal possesion you are bringing over without a view to sell or make commercial profit.

Not sure where the GBP8000 comes from, seems excessive.

The only point to note with doing it this way, as as the vehicle is being unloaded into a US port, it does require the 'bonded carrier' i.e. licenced transported to collect it from the port, and deliver it across the USA/Canadian border, as essentially it is 'bypassing' US customs, and is trusted into them for transport to Canada and won't illegally enter the US grey market. I looked into driving down to Tacoma with a trailer, but its just not possible. 2003 Defender 90 Td5 CSW Belize Green - "Betty"
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Post #977645 11th Jan 2023 8:12pm
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United States 
To get it from Halifax to Vancouver, you can indeed use a train. Some companies offer cross-country vehicle transport services. I'd recommend checking out https://www.shipvehicles.com/ for options and advice. They might have insights on the best route for your Defender.
Post #1021470 17th Jan 2024 12:14am
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