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Washing a wrapped Defender
Hi folks, my Carpathian has the matte wrap, and it’s needing a wash.
I obviously don’t want to damage the wrap, and this being my first wrapped car I was wondering if any other owners has any advice for washing.
It’s not going to polish up, obviously, but any pointers on cloths, products and method would be useful.
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Post #1013883 4th Nov 2023 1:03pm
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Nuclear Nick

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United Kingdom 
I had mine wrapped in clear gloss before handover by LR. The detailer said wash as normal, after waiting a couple of weeks for it to harden off, even car wash is ok, although I generally don’t use them. His only caution was in using a pressure washer too close. Minimum 1metre distance, use at around 45 degree angle and don’t apply too long around the film edges.

My full wash routine is pressure wash, snow foam, pressure wash, two bucket method using micro fibre mitt or pad on a pole, pressure wash and rinse with deionised water. Blow off with leaf blower or warm air dryer.

Many will say that’s OTT, and they’re probably right! I think the wrap is pretty tough and to some extent is self healing so within reason any normal wash technique should be ok.
Post #1013913 4th Nov 2023 4:54pm
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