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OFG Lincoln
Not sure if anyone hear has had any dealing with Land Rover specialist "OFG" in Lincoln before?

They are about an hour from me, but the nearest Indy Land Rover Specialist (Duckworth is on my doorstep but labour is Big Cry ).

I have reached out a few times about fairly standard jobs to get quotes and every time I get "we would need to see it in person" - explain the predicament about distance/time/opening times etc and make it clear I am not expecting a price to be set in stone, but rather want a "ball park figure" so I know what to expect - this reply always goes without any acknowledgement or reply.

Recently I enquired about a refurb engine, gearbox, diff, transfer box (a whack of money...I am intending to restore as much of my defender as possible as I got it with inheritance from Dad), that I wanted a ball park figure so I could budget in amongst other investments on the car. Instead of telling me a rough cost I got what felt like the third degree about how it would be expensive, but then they went on to tell me how they would tackle each element. They asked about the current condition of the engine/drivetrain, assuming in order to consider if there was a less nuclear option - this time I offered to take the car to the for them to take a look as I can facilitate it. As per all other attempts, radio silence after this exchange (me > them > me). Pretty bad considering their reply asked me a question.

I appreciate most people in the industry prefer to chat on the phone, but that isn't always possible for us desk bods. I also feel like "If you don't want emails and messages on Facebook, don't offer it"

So, does anyone know of a good Indy LR Specialist in Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, North Cambridgeshire that may be willing to help me out with the jobs I can't do myself? Willing to travel within 100-150 miles of Boston for "the big stuff" - also welcome to recommendations for someone competent more locally to Boston for the smaller stuff.

P.S. Worth noting it took a few weeks for their reply as they had been on holiday, and has been several weeks since the last message again now.

P.P.S - The question around if anyone has had dealing with them before is to ascertain if they are worth persuing, despite the poor comms.
Post #1005902 30th Aug 2023 1:18pm
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Town & Country Land Rover in Cubbington, if it’s within your circumference. All things Defender are as expected, common practices. And what Gregg doesn’t know is just not worth knowing Whistle Ride like you stole it!!
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Post #1005918 30th Aug 2023 2:56pm
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Member Since: 29 May 2023
Location: Boston, Lincs
Posts: 230

United Kingdom 
Yeah, I could probably make that work if I needed to. I had great hope for OFG as they are "localish" (which is great for repeat work) and I am familiar with how to get there.

They're also in close proximity to (opposite) Rimmer Bro's should there be a part required at short notice.
Post #1005933 30th Aug 2023 5:25pm
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