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United Kingdom 1994 Defender 90 V8 Petrol SW Alpine White

ive got a 200tdi 90 which is far along a v8 conversion. There is a build thread for it. Its not finished yet :ahem:

Once you start pulling apart the def you might find you want a galv bulkhead anyhow. you may as well get a v8 one if thats the route you go. there are subtle differences however in some areas. nothing major.

mine is a marslands v8 nas chassis, early v8 bulkhead, r380 box, d2 v8 bellhousing, 4.6 serp engine from RPI, running megasquirt.

Given you are getting a new chassis, you may as well swop out the box too. the r380 is a better, slicker unit than the lt77. I got one for a couple of hundred quid and then had it rebuilt.

The 200tdi bulkhead aperture is definately smaller than the v8 one. The tunnel bits are very different, and so is the floor peices.

You will also have to mod the seat box, but by the time youve done all that stuff its not exactly a big job lol. Could also just find a r380 one. not exactly difficult to get.

good luck!

Post #700837 14th Apr 2018 8:28pm
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Wales 2015 Defender 90 Puma 2.2 HT Aintree Green

Thanks Mike, I'll have a look for your build thread.

Having driven hundreds of miles with both gearboxes over the years, in both TDI and TD5 vehicles I think I am one of the few people who actually prefers the LT77 to the R380, so plan is to stick with this 'box if I can.

I feel that as I will be changing the engine and chassis, if I also change gearbox type, bulkhead, seatbox and floors I will have very little of the actual original car left. Although this is probably from a sentimental view more than anything - the 90 has been in the family since it was new in 1990.

Post #701127 15th Apr 2018 9:11pm
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Retroanaconda wrote:
It won’t give the factory position of the V8 because the transmission is mounted in a different position in the chassis on early 4cyl vehicles. The engine would be about 2” rearwards from factory.

But easily worked around in terms of pipes etc.

Sorry but your wrong on this one. A vehicle with the LT85 has the gearstick about two inches further forward than a 77 or 380 so if it was mounted in the same position then it would indeed be two inches too far back. However the selector housing on both gearboxes are different. LT85 is on the gearbox itself and LT77 is raised a little and a bit further back. Trying to fit an LT85 to a LT77 vehicle would put the engine two or so inches back and vice versa which is clearly where your confusion is from. Had this problem when I did my v8 conversion which put the engine in the wrong place and had it moved and transmission tunnel cut so the gearbox could be in the correct position(for LT85). LT77s diesel and petrol are exactly the same except for input shaft, bellhousing and fifth gear different ratio and are mounted in the same positions giving the correct engine placement. 1998 Land Rover Defender 110 County Station Wagon Cool
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Post #701194 16th Apr 2018 12:27am
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