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England 2011 Defender 110 Puma 2.4 USW Santorini Black

I sold my 300tdi 3 years ago with 380k miles on the clock and I still see it around. I bought it at 120k miles. Fully agree that service intervals of 5000 miles keep the oil fresher and make the maths easier! Fixing the inevitable leaks as soon as they occur is important. Had my injector pump optimised by a real expert and I'm sure that the smoother power delivery given by this mod helped with longevity.

Must say that yours looks great Thumbs Up The older I get the better I was.
2.4 tdci puma utility XS + BAS remap, OME shocks, Mach 5 alloys, Mud seat rails, LR RAI, Gwyn Lewis mud flaps and Sumo Bars.
Past Land Rovers since 1978 never been without one.
1959 Ser II - should have kept it.
Ser 11/serIII - built from scratch in Papua New Guinea by the previous owner - regret selling it.
Range Rover 3.5 Early 4 door - should have kept it.
110 300tdi Commercial - much modded - sold at 380,000 miles, saw it recently - regret selling it.

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England 1997 Defender 110 300 Tdi HCPU Keswick Green

Buy on condition, I have had loads of 300tdi Defenders, the first I did 120k in just over 3 years, I have had them with 200k plus and just putting a chassis in a 96 which I will be keeping for ever, check it out well and buy the best you can find as plenty are for sale. PS we have loads of 300's and TD5's which are outlasting the engines in the TDCi range!

Post #669384 6th Dec 2017 8:42pm
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