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D7u SUV Platform

Thought I'd share a presentation I came across online.

It was made by Mark White, Chief Engineer, Body Complete, Jaguar Land Rover Product Development, and is titled:

"Developments in the Application of Light Alloys in the Automotive industry - How to make large Premium SUV’s lighter to reduce CO2"

Maybe not a snappy title or topic for many; but the presentation does show what some of the benefits of the D7u platform are. If this was the basis of the new Defender, as has been reported in the press, then it would seem reasonable to expect some of these benefits in the new Defender.


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I notice that they're suggesting 420kg as equivalent to five adults, i.e. each one averaging 84kg. A little more realistic than the traditional 75kg per person; but, as an example of today's obesity, I was involved some little while ago in certifying hire boats as to their stability with the maximum allowed persons on board. This was as a consequence of a boat capsizing - with loss of life - having on board two families each comprising two adults and four children, i.e. ten persons in total.

Their weights were as follows: adults 108kg, 102kg, 102kg, 95kg; children 89kg, 89kg, 76kg, 70kg, 57kg and 57kg.

No other comment…


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how much energy is used to make alloys Rare mineral shipped from far side of the world to the uk and so on Exclamation pickup 90 TD5 2006

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